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by uselessend
02 Jan 2005 06:18
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Topic: Kiki's boobs
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I passed the image on, and people said it was old.
I don't recall seeing this...ever.
What publication was that in?...
Either way. HAwt.
by uselessend
27 Dec 2004 20:44
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Topic: The Boondock Saints
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I liked it too, I think most people that don't like it A. Saw the edited version (not horrible, just worse) B. Didn't get the jokes/expected a 'Mystic River' type of move C. Are to old for it ;) D. All of the above A. What? Most people I know that saw it saw the normal dvd B. Mystic River was out a...
by uselessend
23 Dec 2004 04:03
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Topic: G4techTV
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Watching that channel and expecting it to have some authority is rediculous. I forget what I was watching, but one of the hosts made a crack that noone knew what the hell La Pucelle Tactics was and he didn't remember reviewing it. The way they review things is weird, the way they talk isn't funny, a...
by uselessend
24 Oct 2004 23:05
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Topic: *ehem*
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Sucks for the band that she blamed them.
If I was in her band, I would be royally pissed at her for saying that.
At least they actually perform live.

Most pop stars lip-synch. It sucks.

Avril doesn't. I think.
There is no point going to a concert if they don't actually sing, imo.

This is hilarious.
by uselessend
01 Oct 2004 20:27
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Topic: Psycho Girl Revealed
Replies: 124
Views: 182308 has anyone called and said 'This is Matt' or something along those lines? Or has anyone called and read from the script of the video? Say something like 'So, Matt (Laura), I just wanted to let you know what you were missing out on. And, uh...You decide to change your mind about anything......
by uselessend
28 Sep 2004 06:42
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Topic: Hi Res Amanda Bynes
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Dex wrote: Hahahaha she got a dirty sanchez.

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Out of context, it rules. I'm posting this everywhere XD.
by uselessend
19 Sep 2004 21:25
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Topic: How to be:
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I love that video because it shows how lame people can be to fit into a self-prescribed stereotype. A great majority of what it says is right on indeed. Most 'Emo Kids' say Fugazi and the like started it all...but who really cares? They don't get a frickin' gold medal for it. This video made me laug...
by uselessend
13 Sep 2004 00:28
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Topic: i hate it when that happens...
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Has anyone ever seen Orgasmo... all I can think about now is, "Stunt cock"&nbsp; "Stuuuunnnnt Cock!" too... Also.....Chasing Amy'd. I agree with all the people saying that the guy is full of BS. I mean...that story is rather insane. Run away. Thats my advice at least.
by uselessend
27 Aug 2004 08:16
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Topic: Legend In The Making
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Blah, this this is tough. I have the file downloaded, for whoever wants to host it.
You send it allows 25 downloads per link and takes about 3 minutes to upload the file.
Just keep making those for now.
by uselessend
26 Jun 2004 12:33
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Topic: And we're back
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I heard Lindsays new song today.
It was alright.
I believe it was called 'I decide'