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by Crackpot Live
09 Sep 2005 14:36
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Alexis Bledel a Latina?!
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Aren't all famous hot chicks "Latina" by default now? :ph34r:
by Crackpot Live
18 Aug 2005 06:38
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Mage's Sig
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Hmmm, "Come an take a walk with me".

I have a feeling that no one but Mage comes back from those "walks". :D

Mage tha killer, lol
by Crackpot Live
09 Aug 2005 13:36
Forum: General Banter
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Jess Alba's ass = Heaven

Hey Jess, FHM UK is on the phone again. :D
by Crackpot Live
01 Aug 2005 06:00
Forum: Rants
Topic: i hate all of you
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Yuck, may I sugest a refresing mouthwash when you guys get done with that. :bah:
by Crackpot Live
26 Jul 2005 11:57
Forum: General Banter
Topic: I love you guys.
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Hush now. You will understand as you get older.

Or not. :D
by Crackpot Live
20 Jul 2005 06:50
Forum: Rants
Topic: Fubar Wannabes
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Well I tried to make a donation, But it seems Paypal doesnt like Puerto Rican money. :cry:

Stoopid Puertorican Credit cards. Accepted everywhere, not so much.
by Crackpot Live
18 Jul 2005 13:00
Forum: Anime
Topic: What is the best anime of all time?
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Nobody mentioned Akira ! Shame on youse! :o
<a href='' target='_blank'>Image</a>
by Crackpot Live
06 May 2005 14:52
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Retiring the site
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The path of the open palm has lead me here!
Or maybe I was just bored....
In any case. I't was fun finding it, Littl'e late though. :D
by Crackpot Live
25 Jan 2005 11:04
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: You'll like this
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Yummy! Heavy petting, and chocolate, I think thats what it is anyway. :D
by Crackpot Live
15 Jan 2005 02:47
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Hi Res Emilie de Ravin
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Very Nice Justin. I only wish shed get more famous so Id get to see more of her around. :D
by Crackpot Live
12 Jan 2005 15:08
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Hi Res Celeb Mix
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Mmm nice pics. Jesica Alba looks great in that black swimsuit. :D

By the way whats Emilie de Ravin doing nowadays? Havent seen her do anything else since that roswell series. Shes pretty hot too.
by Crackpot Live
03 Jan 2005 10:49
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Kiki's boobs
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Ive always had a thing for kiki, though I admit she looks too skinny lately.

Still Id give my left testicle to screw her brains out. :D
by Crackpot Live
23 Dec 2004 04:20
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: G4techTV
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At first it seemed like a good idea but changing all their good shows was was a mistake. They should have kept the old shows and screened the new ones for awhile to see how they faired in raitings. I guess they whent crazy when they saw that x-play was their highest rated show back in the day. Ps: e...
by Crackpot Live
17 Dec 2004 11:28
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Hi Res Hayden & Keira
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Hayden Panettiere, She got some big ass titties. :D
Keira Knightley She aint got no titties. :cry:
by Crackpot Live
15 Dec 2004 16:21
Forum: Front Page Posts
Topic: Big Ass Titties
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Nice justin. I Laughed my ass of . Im going to burn that on cd. THX :D