What got you started?

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Post by puzzlehead » 29 Jan 2006 00:13

I remember when I was a kid (around 5 or 6) that most of the comics that I read were 'Archie' comics. That's the problem with having two older sisters. I had an entire box filled with Archie, Betty & Veronica, etc. It wasn't until my Mom decided that I probably needed something less goofy. In her eyes, that meant buying Richie Rich, Red Hot and Casper.

All the other kids trading comics wanted to kick my ass.

Eventually, I moved onto Green Lantern and then fell in love with the Justice League. Around that time they started airing 'Superfriends' and I was hooked.

I was sooooooo in love with the Black Canary. Meow.

As I reached the ages of around 10 or so I started noticing how the women were drawn. That, some might say, was the nail in my coffin. I finally stopped collecting when I was about 18 and sort of missed it. I still don't read now, but I'll occaissionally pick something up just to see what I've been missing.

What got you interested in comics?

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Post by mikesisgod » 29 Jan 2006 10:11

age six i was thinking, "whats another thing in addition to the psychoses and insecurities my family will pass on to me i can pick up to make women think i'll be even more of a reject over the next 10 years?"

first comic: marvel team annual number 4. 1979. on the way from a dentist checkup. really got into them when i was 10, when black and white shit like TMNT asploded. x-men was in the golden years then, byrne and claremont writing the best stories ever. modern hacks cant hold their jocks.

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Post by JustSumDude » 28 Feb 2006 14:00

puzzlehead wrote:What got you interested in comics?
<span style='font-family:tahoma'><span style='color:green'>The artwork.</span></span>

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Post by rick » 06 Mar 2006 04:25

Cover Art.

Saw an issue of FF on the stands while on summer vacation in the 80's ... had to have it.

Before that, I'd read kids comics that relatives either owned or bought for me as gifts... but it was the superhero art that hooked me in.

Shortly after that, the storytelling component became my main draw.

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