Posting this to remind convince myself that i don’t need a new TV and that my 2020 85″ Sony X90H is still good enough even in 2024.

I’ll just get a discounted 83″ LG C4 or G4 from B&H like in January 2025, a year from now. Yeah.

Because there’s lots of other smaller things that i could get with the money i save NOT buying a new 83″ LG C3 (or 98″ TCL C755) TV right now.

Like a Steam Deck OLED.

Even though i already own a Steam Deck.

Or a Meta Quest 3.

Which, i actually already own (a 128GB Quest 3), but i want a 512GB one because i keep running out of storage on the 128GB model. Should have just gotten the 512 in the first place. I managed to somehow get by with 128 on the Quest 2 and Quest 1 but it’s not happening with the Quest 3 (Don’t get a 128GB Quest 3). I’ll hand down that 128GB Quest 3 to my dad.

Or i could get a new phone.

I’m still rocking a beat up 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from 2017, i think it’s actually time to upgrade that thing.

Or a whole bunch of other stupid little things i need want.

Oh plus i’m also still waiting to get invoiced by Cook and Becker for the sold out, limited edition of 30, Hand Signed Deluxe Yoshitaka Amano The Last of Us print that i managed to snag out of sheer luck.

Don’t tell my wife how much THAT cost.

I definitely don’t need a new TV right now.

I want a new TV

I’m in the market for a new TV. My current TV is an 85″ Sony X90H from 2020. Got that TV to go with my PS5 which had just came out at the time.

This was my setup in December 2020. Only major change since then is a new Dolby Atmos soundbar (Samsung HW-Q990B)

Local stores in Brunei didn’t sell that TV in that size so i had to import it from B&H Photo Video in New York.

Yeah, i bought an 85″ TV and got it shipped from New York to Brunei via DHL.

Who buys an 85″ TV and gets it shipped from the other side of the world?

All in, it was actually CHEAPER than if i were to buy the same TV in 75″ (which was available locally) than me getting it from B&H Photo Video.

A 75″ X900H sourced locally would have cost me BND $4148 at the time.

The price of me importing an 85″ X90H cost me BND $39XX, INCLUDING shipping and tax.

And just like the time i bought a Vewlix Arcade cabinet from China, my wife was not exactly pleased.

This was when then Vewlix got delivered:

REMEMBER: buy first, ask for forgiveness later.

Anyway, this was when i got the TV.

Had to get the DHL guy and another buddy of mine to help carry the damn thing up the stairs to my Mancave.

Had to endure the wife’s yakking while carrying the TV up but whateverrrrrrrr.

But it’s 2024 now and i want something new and BIGGER.

I actually did buy a new TV in 2022, a 65″ LG C1. The C2 was already out at the time but i opted to get a C1 at recommendation of MLiG (the C1 was better for gaming).

The C1 was GREAT. An upgrade from the X90H in a lot of areas except size. I had to settle for a 65″ because the 83″ was just out of my price range. And i don’t think it was even available for sale at that size? At least locally.

I ended up selling the 65″ C1 and going back to using the 85″ X90H.

Once you go 85″, it’s hard going back to something smaller.

And now i just have to go bigger.

So the next TV i have my eyes set on is a 98″ TCL C755.

And once again, local stores are only carrying up to 75″, but i’ve looked around and managed to get a quote from a store across the border in Miri, Malaysia, and they can sell one to me for RM $22,999 + RM $1000 for tax and delivery.

So that’s roughly around BND $6882 (which is around USD $5163). Whatever, i can bite the bullet.

I might take the plunge sometime in February. Maybe March. We’ll see what happens.

How the fuck am i going to sneak a 98″ TV past my wife though.

A package from Amazon

Just arrived. Bought a bunch of 4K Blurays.

This is actually my second time buying 4K Blurays. Picked up Titanic, Avatar and Avatar The Way of Water this time.

What can i say, i have a boner for James Cameron.

I’ve had a 4K UHD Bluray player ever since i got my PS5 back in 2020 but never actually owned 4K Blurays until like a few weeks ago.

My first bunch of 4K Blurays i got over Black Friday:

  • The Evil Dead Groovy Collection (1 – 2 – Ash vs Evil Dead Complete Series)
  • Army of Darkness
  • Evil Dead
  • Evil Dead Rise
  • Mission: Impossible 1 – 7
  • Matrix 1 – 4
  • The Princess Bride Criterion Collection

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Steelbook arrived with a dent. Fucking Amazon and their lazy packing.

My next purchase will be Aliens, The Abyss,True Lies and Darkman once they’re all out in Feb and March.

Contemplating getting the Collector’s Edition for Darkman but $130 bucks is pretty steep for what you actually get (bunch of posters and cards). Might just end up getting the Steelbook on its own.

G4 – Attack of the Show documentary

Attack of the Doc! (2023) | Full Movie | Olivia Munn | Kevin Pereira | Chris Gore

This popped up in my youtube feed there other day and i just got done watching it. What a nostalgia trip.

Great doc, check it out if you have the time.

I was always more of a TechTV fan than a G4TV fan. But then the G4techTV merger happened and totally fucked the TechTV side of things. TechTV was the shit.

I remember really hating Kevin Pereira. Got me thinking about the time i posted about it. And now with the old TJNR posts restored, we can go back in time and see what was said 20 years ago, along with all the original comments!

20 YEARS AGO. wtf.

How has it been 20 years? Time is a bitch.

Site restoration progress

Ok so the site is up. I got the old DLT forum (circa 2006) up.

The old TJNR boards (circa 2004 – 2006) are also back up. I posted about the other time i managed to restore it back in 2017. Check that out for a bit more info on that board.

So yeah, i think that’s pretty much it for the restoration..! The site and forum(s) are back online!

One thing i couldn’t fully restore were all the forum and board avatars. I do have a backup of all the TJNR era avatars though.

I dumped that backup into a folder and put together a little script that will display all the avatars onto a single page. You’re gonna wanna see it.

You can check it out over here. The 2000’s were something else man.

Whatever happened to the old domains?

As you might remember, the site has gone through quite a number of domain names.

Started off with badinagoodway.com

Then it became thatsjustnotright.com

And now it’s dontlinkthis.net

I used to also have dontlinkthis.com but i stopped renewing and gave that one up (why did i stick with .net and not .com? i have no idea)

dontlinkthis.com is currently for sale for $3,395.. wtf.

I originally had to change the domain from BIAGW to TJNR after switching hosts because my host (solosier.com at the time) was the one that bought the BIAGW domain for me, so it was technically his and not mine, and he wasn’t willing to sell it to me after moving out.

Had to move because the site was outgrowing it’s hosting and kept bringing down his server.

So i moved out and got thatsjustnotright.com.

Solo once posted about the BIAGW domain. Somebody else wanted to take it over.

I also kept trying and asking if he would be willing to sell the domain to me every few years or so. No luck. But i kept stalking that domain for years and saw that it was eventually scooped up by some dude in China. Damn.

So i kept stalking and stalking, hoping that the registration would expire someday and the China dude would forget to renew the domain.

And that day finally came (in 2017) and i was finally able to buy back the badinagoodway.com domain name.

It’s currently point to this site, so you can get to DLT either through dontlinkthis.net or badinagoodway.com.

I wonder if i can get thatsjustnotright.com back.

It’s been a while!

Yup, that’s right. The site is back up! Managed to get the blog restored on a new server and host! Currently still working on getting the forums back up. But everything should be back to how it was before.

So back in January 2021, the site actually died (for real this time, after numerous fake and ‘real’ deaths over the years).

The server the site was hosted on suffered a fatal hardware error sometime in 2018 which left me with no access to the cpanel backend to make a backup and i had no way to move the site out. That old server was essentially abandoned by my old host over the years and it finally crapped out in January 2021.

Turns out that old hosting company got bought by another hosting company and the new management pretty much just left that server to die?

I got in touch with the them and asked if i could get a backup of the site files and databases.

$100! But you can’t put a price on 20+ years of memories.

So i paid up. Anything to get the files back.

They found it though! And i wanted everything.

Long story short, i got back everything i needed. It was just a matter of getting everything restored *someday*.

Well, turns out that day was today!

After a bunch of trial and error, setting up xampp on my PC and getting an offline copy of the site restored, i decided to buy some webhosting and see if i could restore everything for real.

And that’s where we are now!

One thing i couldn’t restore was the old layout.

That old template from 2007 just doesn’t work with the latest version of wordpress but i found something close enough, which is what you’re seeing right now. Maybe i can try get the old layout to work again? We’ll see. But this’ll have to do for now.

And you know what? Going forward, i’m gonna actually start using this thing more. I know blogs are pretty much dead and things will never be like they were in the early 2000’s but what the heck. Might as well put all this effort to good use. I’m going to start posting just random shit every now and then like back in the day.

Not having this stupid website up online these past coupla years, felt like i lost a part of me.

But now i feel whole again. Feels good man.

First and Last post for 2020!

I’m still alive! And this site is still dead! One of the worst things about 2020 is the fact that Covid-19 made Avril Lavigne and Billie Eilish cancel their Asia concert tour dates which i would’ve totally gone to. But hey, maybe they’ll try coming around again in 2021. If everything ever gets back to normal by then.

My favorite pic of these two lovely ladies:

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So how’s everybody doing? Like really, how are you guys?

Me? I’m all good. Married, two kids, same job for the past 15 years. All is good.

Oh and i turned 40 this year. (What. The. Fuck.)

Time flies man, time flies.

If anybody’s reading this, as always, thanks for still coming around and keeping this site alive in your memories. Say hi in the comments so that i know you’re still alive.

It’s less than 30 minutes until the new year rolls over on my side of the world. Have a good new year’s eve all.

Here’s to a better 2021!

First and Last post for 2019!

If you’re seeing this, it means the site is somewhat still functional. Posting still works, and i’m pretty sure commenting still works too. It just takes a really long time for comments to go through (just give it like half a minute), because the server the site is hosted on is just broken beyond repair.

Contacted my host multiple times about it and they haven’t done jack shit to fix things. They don’t care, and i guess i don’t really care either lol. I can’t even remember when i last paid for the hosting. The back end is so broken, i can’t even get into the payment portal thing to send payments even if i wanted to. Host doesn’t seem to care either.

Unfortunately, this also means i’m unable to make a proper backup of the site if i ever wanted to move to another host. But eh, i guess having the site still up for free (albeit in a broken state) is better than nothing (or at least better than paying to keep a dead website up).

Anyhow, nothing much to report on. I still love Avril (waiting for her next tour in Asia), Titanic is still my favorite movie (I’ll never let go) and i’m still bummed Winona Ryder never properly got her boobs out.

Do me a favor. If you’re reading this, try leaving a comment. Ask me anything or whatever. I just wanna see if commenting still works for anybody else.