Kid’s Choice Awards!

So apparently it was on last night? I dunno. Was too busy playing Yoshi’s Touch and Go. I also picked up Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Doom 3 Collectors Edition yesterday. Without spending a single cent! I traded in 9 shitty old ass games and got around 170+ dollars in store credit over at GameRush. They have awesome trade in deals (trade 3+ games, get $5 extra store credit for each; trade 2 and you can buy any new game for $29). I’d take advantage of it if i were you (if i had a bunch of shitty games that i wouldn’t miss). Ended up using $60 for Doom 3, $29 for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and $29 for Yoshi’s Touch and Go. And i still have around 44 bucks left in store credit. Dunno what to do with it though. Wish Gamerush gave out cash instead of store credit. Otherwise i would’ve used that $170 to pay my bills. Oh well.

I was thinking about trading in my Driving Force Pro steering wheel and GT4, which would’ve bumped up my store credit to something like, maybe $300+/- and pick up a PSP but nah.. i like the wheel too much. Even though i hate GT4.

Justin –

If I remember correctly, you’re quite the videogame addict, but I haven’t heard you say jack about the Sony PSP — the device kicks some major ass, so I’m just wondering what’s up.

I’m still not sold on the PSP. For starters, it’s freakin’ 250 bucks. And the games are all like Dreamcast versions of PS2 ports of 1995 game franchises. Plus with all the dead pixel horror stories AND Game Gear-ish battery life, it just isn’t worth $250 to me.

So i’m sticking to my Nintendo DS. Sure, it’s going through a draught of good games right now but wait after E3.

PSP… you are very sexy, but you’re like a prostitute. You just swallow up money, and just because you’re sexy doesn’t mean i’m gonna let you take my money.

Speaking of prostitutes (well… she did play one in Sin City), Alexis Bledel’s eyes are ridiculously blue. So blue that it’s actually distracting. How am i supposed to look at her chest when i’m too busy looking at her eyes?? Then there’s Jessica Alba, looking as bland as ever. I don’t see anything appealing about this girl. My lady Bynes on the other hand, is looking absolutely mahvelous.

But damn, what the hell happened to Hilary Duff?? Here i was praising her a coupla days ago and now she’s done gone lost weight in her face and starting to looking like her sister!? Maybe it’s just the makeup.

And speaking of the Kid’s Choice Award, emphasis on ‘kid’… please dont click on this

By the way, i actually got an e-mail from a producer guy who works for the E! Network yesterday. It was about the Tara Reid boob slip pics i posted last year. I should go respond!

27 thoughts on “Kid’s Choice Awards!

  1. lol…jojo…sorrie, I clicked

    #1 | Comment by jaka — April 3, 2005 @ 2:34 pm

  2. Bulge!

    #2 | Comment by heineken — April 3, 2005 @ 2:42 pm

  3. Video games will rot your brain

    #3 | Comment by lswalker — April 3, 2005 @ 2:45 pm

  4. Alba >>> Bynes

    #4 | Comment by AngelBaby — April 3, 2005 @ 4:04 pm

  5. im going to hump you angelbaby

    #5 | Comment by Justin — April 3, 2005 @ 4:13 pm

  6. Amanda is a goddess… I don’t think I’ve ever saw a bad pic o’ her!

    #6 | Comment by rick — April 3, 2005 @ 4:31 pm

  7. I clicked on that link. It made me feel like a dirty old man.


    #7 | Comment by devnull — April 3, 2005 @ 5:28 pm

  8. I heard that PSP hasn’t had much hardware problems in the US. Nothing on battery life, dead pixels, or the disk throwing thing (which I heard was staged). In all actuality, Sony released hardware that wasn’t fucked up. Now, $250 is steep, but fuck if it doesn’t double as an MP3/Movie/Picture player (no, I’m not talkin about UMD movies, you can put MPEG-4 movies on the thing). And Hilary Duff looks more like Jenna Jameson at the kids choice awards.

    #8 | Comment by shirizaki — April 3, 2005 @ 6:09 pm

  9. i’m sorry but the amnount of ethnic traits that combined to create jessica alba can not possibly be described as bland. Hillary Duff is bland, because she’s a box, and not the good kind! Jessica alba has curves, but the blond hair definently needs to go, she looks infinitly better as a brunette. See dark angel.

    #9 | Comment by emelio — April 3, 2005 @ 6:20 pm

  10. Those JoJo pix are just SO wrong. I think I’ve been hypnotized by her “bathing suit area” in that first one. You rule!

    #10 | Comment by EndlessMike — April 3, 2005 @ 7:23 pm

  11. I agree with Justin on Alba.

    She’s not ugly, but none of her features are decisively hot.

    #11 | Comment by The Deadly Superman — April 3, 2005 @ 7:31 pm

  12. jojo…mesmerizing.

    duff…fake teeth…new celebrity fad…gay

    #12 | Comment by Ryan — April 3, 2005 @ 8:04 pm

  13. I concur with the psp prostitute analogy.

    And as for the kids choice awards, I was pretty disapointed it was only 1 1/2 hour long not even freakin 2 hrs. It just seem unnecessary. Also will smith’s long speech about reading and running was dumb…

    jojo in a bikini > hilary duff in bikini
    but if we had alexa vega in a bikini > jojo in bikini 🙂

    end of statement

    #13 | Comment by DArK SAgE — April 3, 2005 @ 8:12 pm

  14. i can’t believe you justin! you didn’t pay homage to your girl Ms. Bynes! Today’s her 19th birthday silly!

    #14 | Comment by Ryan — April 3, 2005 @ 8:59 pm

  15. You know most magazines and websites, when mentioning the PSP in an article, describe the thing as being sexy. I read a boatload of mags in the past few days and that word just kept popping up in association with the handheld- writers need a thesaurus.

    #15 | Comment by Ricochet — April 3, 2005 @ 10:11 pm

  16. since when does Amanda Bynes have visible boobs?

    #16 | Comment by nyr8888 — April 3, 2005 @ 10:21 pm

  17. Ok. $250 isn’t cheap. But you get alot, and quite frankly people seem to drop $250 on an iPod without blinkin’ an eye, and that’s just a harddrive with a screen.

    I own a PSP – and it freakin’ rocks. No Dead Pixels on mine, the movies look awesome (ie. spidey 2 or whatever you transfer onto the memory stick via mp4), and it triples as a MP3 player, and jpg viewer.

    The jpg viewer might not sound like much, but you can use a print-to-jpg app, and print pdfs and docs to jpg’s which lets you use the thing as an e-book reader. Not shabby.

    The games are still first gen — and while they look pretty impressive for being first-gen, they aren’t “must-have”‘s. You can get most of them on the ps2 which pretty much makes justin’s point. But I’m guessing that isn’t going to stay that way.

    #17 | Comment by sillier — April 3, 2005 @ 11:14 pm

  18. ‘That’s Hott’ = jessica alba.

    #18 | Comment by Dope — April 4, 2005 @ 9:31 am

  19. Alexis is probably using some of those eye drops that give your eyes a blue tint temporarily.

    #19 | Comment by DisconcertedGeorge — April 4, 2005 @ 11:42 am

  20. “im going to hump you angelbaby” -Justin

    I’m going to let you…

    …and I’m going to enjoy it. ; )

    #20 | Comment by AngelBaby — April 4, 2005 @ 2:07 pm

  21. I’m going to go first…

    #21 | Comment by smash — April 4, 2005 @ 3:50 pm

  22. Yea I bought the PSP over the weekend, thing is damn slick, it might take the place of my ipod the moment those bigger duo sticks come out. The only thing disappointing is the launch games (except for a choice…one or two) but what launch games have been incredible anyways.

    #22 | Comment by ninbw — April 4, 2005 @ 5:51 pm

  23. Damn you and your links! I just masturbated to Jojo! Could I be arrested for that?

    #23 | Comment by kiko — April 4, 2005 @ 6:43 pm

  24. I bought a PSP, and I have had only 1 problem, and it only happened once… It did throw it’s UMD. But that is only when you bump it to hard… Other than that, I love my PSP. “I watch porno on it”

    #24 | Comment by RegisteredPedophile — April 5, 2005 @ 8:10 am

  25. Alexis Bledel resembles Heather Graham.

    #25 | Comment by Yawn — April 5, 2005 @ 10:41 am

  26. jesus fucking christ. you pedophiles.

    #26 | Comment by whiskeypail — April 14, 2005 @ 3:59 am

  27. Heather Graham has NOTHING on Alexis Bledel!

    #27 | Comment by Wolfkiller — August 21, 2006 @ 10:22 am

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