…the return of the PayPal button from HELL.

So i’m running low on bandwidth. And just as a precaution, hi res picture updates are gonna have to be hosted offsite. Lest i want the site to be down for the rest of the month. Meaning no fubar for you lot. And that makes the internets cry.

And if worse comes to worst, i’ll have to take all my hosted hi res pics offline for a bit. At least until the end of the month, should my bandwidth supply ever come dangerously low. The last thing anybody wants to see is “509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Unfortunately, as the popularity of this site rises, bandwidth demands have taken its toll. So if you’d like to help keep the site up, click on that PayPal button from HELL and donate a coupla bucks (any amount will do)

All monies will go towards obtaining more hosting** and more bandwidth of course. So don’t worry, i’m not gonna run off and buy an XBOX 360 or anything.

** (my hosting plan runs out next month, on August 19th)

Remember, Justin is your friend.

Thank you in advance for your patronage kind sirs (and madams)!