Is it just me or am i just starting to suck at posting?

I went to the mall earlier tonight. And i actually saw a few new Dreamcast games. It’s actually been quite a while since i last bought any.

Okay that’s a lie. I bought The Floigan Bros last month. And what a piece of shit that was. But yeah, i’ve since stopped updating my Dreamcast game list ever since Sega died. I still update my DVD list though. So that’s still worth checking out once in a while.

Anyway i picked up a coupla 2K2 games. Tennis 2K2, NBA 2K2 and NFL 2K2. That should keep me and my housemates going for the weekend. Four player Tennis 2K2. Mmmm.

I am picturing the old days when Virtua Tennis was played almost every single night. To the point of us having blisters on our thumbs.

And i remember playing Samba De Amigo till my arms felt like falling off.

I literally couldn’t use them for like… 3 days straight. Maybe even more.

Ooh ooh! And Unreal Tournament! Was that game ever fun or what?!


Sega. Why did you have to kill the Dreamcast? It was such a good machine too. Now i’ll have to save up to get a PS2 or a Gamecube. Blah.

In other news:

Evil Suzi moved her site again.

Don’t be fooled by her cute cam pic. She really is quite evil.

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  1. mmmmmmm that is hot

    #1 | Comment by rash — December 3, 2001 @ 2:44 am

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