News flash: I WAS WRONG! *shock*

Yesterday, as i was walking over to the mall, i though about that post i made. You know, the 5 hits one. I was thinking, “Hmm… you know, i’m probably wrong about that and i’m probably gonna get an e-mail about it tomorrow…”

Guess what? I was right! I was wrong!

(Please ignore the nonsensical and bad English)

From: “Donald E. Chase”
Date: Sat, Nov 3 2001 7:21:02 AM -0800

Attachments: extreme.jpg, admentor.jpg, current.jpg


You are picking up the wrong number when you talk about my site only get 5 hits a day. There are two counters on the site… the one on the front page and the one on every other page.

My front page /, does only get a few hits a day. No one comes into my site via the front page -> I don’t have any links and no search engine traffic to my main page on the site, but I do get between 2000-3000 UNIQUE visitors a day total on every page. For instance, I run yuour ad on a free ASP ad server called Admentor. According to that, your animated gif shows 40K times a day. See the attached JPEG – admentor.jpg – that shows the stats.

Also, I have another Extreme account for the entire site, which shows that I had 3000 visitors on November 2. See the attached extreme.jpg.

Last, take a look at the number of people on my site as I write this. At this time, there are 174 unique (cookie-tracked) visitors on my site.

I only say all this because I work my ASS off on my site and I am very proud of my numbers. I dig your site, dude, and that’s why I spent a little bit of time turning your crappy buttons into something cool – well, at least less crappy. I just was miffed when I saw what you wrote.

Enough ranting. I dig your site and hope my link gives you some more hits.


It actually is an alright site. Lots of stuff to see and do. Check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Side note: It’s pretty weird that people are still ‘digging’ this site. I mean, even despite the almost complete lack of good posts (and good englsh grammar for that matter). You DO notice that i haven’t exactly been putting much effort into my posts have you? Maybe it’s just me but that’s the way i see. About the site i mean. Crap posts and all. Then again i always complain about how bad this site is. So this all should come as no surprise to you.


I was gonna make a pretty lame pun saying how the site’s bad in a good way.

But i won’t.

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