Why do i always sound like an ass whenever i post replies in my forum? You know what? I think this is only one of the very few (?) e/n sites that does it’s updates using HTML and not cgi. Oh well. For your convenience, i’m gonna post what Sam
wrote in my forum.

Subject: That hot chick
Comment: Hey I just wanna make one dammn thing clear. Contrary to what you might believe from reading Justin’s webshite, I am not actually interested in Jeanne at all. Okay, she’s hot and
all, but a little outta my age limits… I sure as hell am not stalking her…well..kinda…heh heh Just a glace here and there, u know what I mean? heh heh Infact, i think she is stalking me! Okay, I’m dreaming, but what the hell, let me enjoy my own little fantasy world. I have no interest in getting with her….as cool as that would be!! heh heh Oh well, I’m wierd, And sad…and lonley heh heh She’s hot, and thinks I’m wierd…cool ROCK ON WITH THE STALKING STYLES!! Sm0kL3Y

Quote: “She’s hot”

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