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I’m gonna talk about some movies but i’m gonna intentionally leave out specific plot details so you can go into them fresh if you do decide to ever check them out. If you hadn’t already.

So i finally got my goddamn Before Sunrise DVD in the mail. Considering that i used the Buy It Now option on eBay on fucking July 2nd and having it arrive only yesterday, that’s a pretty fucking long time. It usually doesn’t take that long for crap to get shipped. Good thing i’m too big of a pussy to leave negative feedback.

It’s been a while since i last saw Before Sunrise. I actually have it on Laserdisc and i was planning to watch it when i was back home last year but apparently the Laserdisc player was on the fritz.

I was actually hoping to get the DVD sooner so i could watch it and then head out to the theater and catch the sequel, Before Sunset, but it’s too fucking late now because it’s not showing anymore! Stupid late DVD. Oh well. Guess i’ll just have to wait for the sequel’s DVD release. Hopefully it’ll have some extras this time. Before Sunrise only has a trailer and that’s it. Gay.

I won’t bother telling you what both movies are about. Besides, they’re both 110% dialogue driven and chick flicks anyway. So most of you macho men out there probably won’t give a fuck but hey, if you’re like me and if you give these flicks a chance, you’ll probably like them. I’ll tell you this, if you liked Waking Life, you’ll like Before Sunrise/Sunset.

Actually if you like any of Richard Linklater’s films (Slackers, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Waking Life, School Of Rock, Before Sunset), you owe it to yourself to check them out anyway.

Also try to keep a lookout for Love Object on DVD. I picked up this little gem a coupla days ago at Best Buy on impulse and i’m pretty glad that i did.


May + American Psycho + = Love Object

It’s one of those quirky little disturbing horror flicks that i like so much. Very much in the vein of May. If you’re interested, stay away from any reviews or anything. It’s best to go in clean.

I probably won’t convince any of you fuckers to watch Before Sunrise but hey, if anything, just check out Love Object. It’s not as good as May but it’s good enough. Here’s a coupla quotes off the DVD cover:

“A great little thriller with some genuinely creepy moments” – Eric Campos, Film Threat

“…exacting and intense… (an) uncompromising psychological chiller” – Michael Gingold, Fangoria Magazine

“…spooky and deadpan suspense…” – Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

“…(A) mordantly witty horror film…” – Amy Taubin, Film Comment

Besides, it’s got Melissa Sagemiller in it (she’s pretty cute) and Desmond Harrington too (i’d hit it). I thought he was pretty good in Wrong Turn.

I’m actually listening to the directors commentary track fro Love Object right now and it’s funny because i was just thinking about mentioning Audition in this post (a most excellent Japanese horror movie) and literally two minutes later, i hear the director talking about Audition. Makes me like Love Obejct even more!

And if you still haven’t seen Audition yet (i’ve been plugging this damn movie for 2 years now), you really should. Fuck Ringu and Ju-On. Audition is from the guy who made fucking Ichi The Killer. And unlike Ichi The Killer, Audition is actually a good movie storywise and all around.

I also got my copy of Darkman on DVD a coupla days ago. I was talking to Bubba once and i wanted to slap him because he said Darkman sucked. IT DOES NOT YOU FAGGOT. Then again he did say he was just a little boy when he first saw that movie. He’s still a faggot though. How can anybody not like Darkman? Without Darkman, there would not a Spider-Man. At least not the Sam Raimi Spider-Man that we know and love. And i wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you liked Army of Darkness, you have to like Darkman. Hell, if you love any Sam Raimi movie, you have to love ALL of them. Yes, even For Love Of The Game.

Speaking of all his movies, ever notice that yellow car in the Evil Dead movies? That’s ‘The Classic’. And Oldsmobile Delta Royale. It’s Sam Raimi’s baby. And it’s in practically ALL of his movies.

I actually didn’t remember it being in Darkman but after watching it again, i realized that it actually IS in the movie. But only for a split second.

I love looking out for that car. Seriously, i had the stupidest grin ever when i saw that car pop up in Spider-Man two years ago.

Ah. The Classic.

  • 1982 – Evil Dead: The car Ash drives to the cabin in
  • 1985 – Crimewave: Getaway car
  • 1987 – Evil Dead 2: Ash’s car again
  • 1990 – Darkman: Crashed into by Liam Neeson in a fall
  • 1993 – Army Of Darkness: Ash’s car again(Okay. You’d THINK that the car couldn’t possibly be in The Quick And The Dead right? Because it’s a western for God’s sake. But hey…)
  • 1995 – The Quick And The Dead: hidden under some hay in the barn. Really. I swear.
  • 1998 – A Simple Plan: Parked outside the feed store
  • 1999 – For Love Of The Game: Scene was cut out during editing.
  • 2000 – The Gift: Kate Blanchett’s car
  • 2002 – Spider-Man: Uncle Ben’s car.
  • 2004 – Spider-Man 2: Uncle Ben’s car.

And just like Bruce Campbell, that car has also made cameo appearances in several Coen brothers movies (Bruce, Sam and the Coen’s have worked together on each other’s movies in the past).

Keep a look out for the classic in Blood Simple, Fargo, Raising Arizona, and The Big Lebowski.

Funnily enough, Bruce actually hates that car and he’s always trying to destroy the damn thing.

“Sam has money so he has four of them, just in case I destroy the other three. Right now, he keeps sending duplicates around town thinking I’ll destroy them and leave his alone.” – Bruce Campbell

“When asked where the Classic is now, Sam cagily responded, “In a warehouse somewhere in Southern California.” He knew if I ever found out, an army of mechanics would be dispatched to destroy it.” – Bruce Campbell, ‘If Chins Could Kill’

The Classic


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