Okay so i haven’t been online much this past week. Been busy shooting this short film for class… oh by the way, the 1 minute commercial i made, got voted second best by the class. which is BULLSHIT because the winner’s commercial totally fucking sucked compared to mine. It got 0 laughs, whereas mine had people laughing and chuckling repeatedly even after the thing was over, seriously it was like:

Commercial starts, commercial is about to end and get to the big punchline, huge laughter, laughter goes on for while, laughter starts dying down. Laughter is heard again as people start thinking about the ad. Laughter dies down. People start filling in their little critique forms and they start laughing again as they’re remembering what they just saw. Laughter dies down.

How my commercial didn’t get the ‘spotlight’ award is beyond me. The other one was some boring artsy fartsy new age Body Shop cosmetics type thing (quite pretty to look at though). But in terms of editing and camerawork, it was NOTHING SPECIAL. Mine had like fucking over 60+ cuts within the span of 60 seconds! With some Sam Raimi style shit in there too!

Anyhow, i’ll be fucking pissed if our final group project short movie thing doesn’t get the spotlight. After seeing little bits and pieces of what the other groups have done (ALL SHIT compared to ours in terms of editing), if ours doesn’t ‘win’, then there’s no justice in the world.

But fuck it. This isn’t about my dumb short. It’s about how this site kicks ass!*

I was just over at Uncle Grambo’s catching up on the posts i’ve missed this past week and i saw a link to this page. So i figured what the hey. I’ll just go look up on to see how fubar stacks up to everyone else on that list (they all seem to be entertainment based blogs btw) and based on those stats and my own ranking for today (7th of August), i would’ve been ranked 3rd!

Of course this really means nothing since i rarely ever have any good stuff on here anymore so again, i’m still wondering why the hell i get as many visitors as i do and why the hell people keep coming back. I’m also wondering why the hell i keep asking those questions because this is probably like the fourth time i’ve done so.

Anyway, back to me being busy editing that short movie. The ‘premiere’ is on Monday.

And before anybody asks, it’s a reimagined 2LDK. 12 minute running time. It’s got a really hot chick in it too. TOTALLY dream girl material. Imagine a mixture of Alicia Silverstone and Dominique Swain and that’s Angela. HOT.


*(apparently but i don’t really believe it)


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