Scarlett in Venice

With John Travolta unfortunately.

Speaking of which, if you didn’t already know, Scarlett is into older men.

LIFE seems to be imitating art for sexy Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson who has revealed she would be happy to have a fling with a man in his sixties.

The 19-year-old actress became a household name after her acclaimed performance as Charlotte, a young graduate who falls in love with a man in his late 50s, in last year’s cult hit Lost in Translation.

The open-minded blonde beauty told British tabloid the Daily Express she had no qualms snuggling up to a man decades older than herself.

“A guy who’s 40, 50 or 60 years old … why not?” said cheeky Scarlett.

“I don’t think that age is a problem when you’re having a fling.

“But when it comes to establishing a long relationship, that age difference becomes more evident and one of you usually ends up throwing in the towel.

“I don’t think that you can control who you fall in love with.”

Controlling her sexual desires was certainly the last thing on the star’s mind after the Academy Awards in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Scarlett stunningly confessed she had engaged in a wild sex romp with sultry Puerto Rican Oscar-winner Benicio del Toro in a hotel lift after the ceremony.

The raunchy teenager reportedly had her eye on the 21 Grams hunk all night and had shocked onlookers at the Chateau Marmont hotel by kissing him in the lobby and teasingly inviting him up to her room.

Lusty Scarlett later revealed the hot pair were unable to wait until they reached the privacy of her bedroom before passion took over:

“We were making out or having sex or something, which I think is very unsanitary,” she said.

The actress has also confessed she had a crush on 50-year-old John Travolta when they worked together on the forthcoming A Love Song For Bobby Long.

“He has everything that I like in a man: strength and vulnerability,” she told the newspaper.

“During the filming of the movie, he almost adopted me.”

Saucy Scarlett, however, does not seem to discriminate when it comes to youth and has the showbiz world buzzing with news of her latest object of desire, 24-year-old Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Chicago Sun-Times recently reported the actress had approached movie studio executives to set up a meeting between them after learning the actor had split from Spider-Man 2 star Kirsten Dunst.

Scarlett may have to wait a while before catching up with Gyllenhaal, though, as she is busy in London filming a new movie with legendary movie director Woody Allen.

Allen could well find himself added to the list of Scarlett’s love targets. The actor who turns 69-years-old in December perfectly fits the bill of ‘much older man’.

Allen, who himself is married to a woman 35 years younger, has already expressed his eye-popping admiration for the actress, even gushing to Britain’s Observer newspaper she has been “touched by God”.

“Scarlett is just a naturally great actress. She can do no wrong and is incapable of a bad moment. She’s very sexy, very pretty. She was just touched by God,” he said.


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