Jamaica mon!

Any of you watch or listen to Juli Ashton’s TV and radio shows? Ever wanted to go to Jamaica? Then you might be interested in this.

Playboy TV & XM Satellite Radio star and world renowned sexpert Juli Ashton doesn’t want to mingle with people on a cruise playing shuffleboard or be confined to giving a lecture. She wants to party and have unadulterated fun with her fans, friends and hedonists alike. That’s why she organized the first annual Soul Days New Moon Ja’am festival in Jamaica October 10-16, 2004. Part Celebrity Fantasy vacation. Part Music festival. Part Erotic boot camp. Part Birthday celebration (she won’t tell her age). 100% party that’ll go a little beyond PG-13.


Anyhow, click here to register to win a trip to Soul Days, courtesy of Island Records, Air Jamaica and Soul Days! Sweepstakes end on the 27th so get your registration in by then. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win.

I’d hit it.


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