CoCo Lee

Anybody watching Rush Hour 2 on FOX right now? Mmmm Zhang Ziyi… so hot. Actually there’s another hot chick in the movie too. Sorta. Okay not really. But you can see her in a music video playing in the background of the bath house scene. Okay so you can’t really see her at all but i assure you, Brett Ratner intentionally had her music video playing in the background of that fight scene (because i think he saw her in the music video she did for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and she was hot or something). Anyhow, the hot chick in that video is CoCo Lee. Maybe you’ve heard of her.

Not quite sure if she ever really made it big in the US (she had an album out here) but she was sorta huge a coupla years ago (mostly in Asia i guess, obviously). Anyhow, they’re both hot, her and Zhang Ziyi. Except CoCo can actually speak English (since she was raised in San Francisco). Zhang Ziyi not being able to speak English will always be a sore spot with me. But she’s hot. So i still love her anyway.

Google her (CoCo). Because i’m too lazy to post pictures tonight. Karate explosion.


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