Wow… i went out today

I actually went out on another pseudo date with Susan today (my second pseudo date with her thus far). Didn’t really do anything fancy. Didn’t even go any place ‘special’. Just hung out and walked around the Pyramid mall and ate at McDonalds.

Her treat. Which was cool.

She came along with this fucking HOT friend of hers, Jaymie… and her boyfriend (bleh), so it was sorta like a double date kinda thing. Except ours was just a pseudo date.

Good God was that friend of hers ever hot or what? She reminded me of one of my psycho ex’s cousins.

My psycho ex had a lot of hot cousins.

Anyway, we split up into our own little groups of two and me and Susan did our own thing. While they did theirs. Apparently they had this little ‘crisis’ to settle or something. Or so i was told anyway.

Walked around the mall. Talked. Etc etc. I think my elbow brushed against her boob once. I’m dunno. It was weird. We had a late lunch later on and… well… that was it really. Not much of a pseudo date. Much less even a real date.

Why i even would call it pseudo date, much less even a date at all is beyond me. I guess i just like the sound of it. Pseudo date.

I got that off Chasing Amy.

I was quite awed (and still am) at how much Susan really looks like Angelina Jolie. Seriously, her eyes… her lips… are just very… Angelina Jolie-like. Only difference being that Susan’s like… 5 foot 1 or something. She’s like a mini Angelina Jolie in some senses.

I think i’ll be seeing her again next week. Probably gonna go catch a movie at Megamall or something. I dunno. If we do, i hope she buys me my tickets. Like she bought me my food earlier today.


I am such a freeloader.


UPDATE @ 10:10pm

ok storms: you freeload off your pseudo date?
ok storms: that’s horrible
ok storms: how ungentlemenly
psykotik2k: haha
psykotik2k: hey she offered!
ok storms: yeaaah
ok storms: you were probably moaning with hunger and she just wanted to shut you up
psykotik2k: haha
psykotik2k: actually i just shoved her in front of me
psykotik2k: so she could order first
psykotik2k: hahahahhaa
ok storms: hahahah
ok storms: bastard
psykotik2k: and hopefully so that she could pick up the tab
psykotik2k: which she did
psykotik2k: hahahhaahahahaa
ok storms: shame
ok storms: for shame
psykotik2k: hyahyahyahyhyahya

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  1. Guess that answers my question =/

    #1 | Comment by Z — November 10, 2001 @ 9:32 am

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