Gaming woes

FINALLY. Free from assignments and projects and tests and exams. For now anyway. I’ve got a stupid research paper to write for my History of Animation class due on the 4th. So i’ll have to get started on that sometime soon.

Got all my classes registered a week ago. Here’s what i’ll be taking next semester:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Human Sexuality (kekekeke)

    Less than 2 weeks to go before Halo 2 comes out. Dead Or Alive Ultimate is out today. GTA: San Andreas and Ace Combat 5 just came out yesterday. And i just got Paper Mario last week. *sigh* So many games, so little time (and money).

    I’ll be picking up DOAU tomorrow and i’ll probably be getting GTA:SA and AC5 in the mail in about a week or two (from my mom, i refuse to spend US$100+ on GTA and AC when i can get the US$2.50 or so bootlegs sent from back home). But before i do all that, i need to finish off Paper Mario first. Only two chapters left to go (Paper Mario is a great game btw. Lots of LOL moments).

    By the time i get GTA, Halo 2 will probably be out. I have no idea how i’m gonna juggle playing all those games at the same time. Stupid game companies. Releasing all their AAA titles at the same time. Fuck the holiday spending season. They should just spread out all their games releases throughout the year. Who has the money to spend $400/500+ dollars on videogames in two months?? Makes me wish i was back home where i can pick up 5 PS2 games for something like, $12 bucks. Kekeke. Yep.

    Seriously, any of you read the IGN review of GTA:SA yet? Best game ever. 9 point fucking 9. Wonder what Halo 2 will get. It got a 9.7 from OXM.

    And then there’s MGS3, the new Prince of Persia game, Metroid Prime 2, Resident Evil 4 (which has thankfully been pushed back to the first quarter of 2005), Need For Speed Underground 2, Forza Motorsport and.. ….


    (btw, no i don’t download games or play PC games either. so Half Life 2 isn’t on my must buy list. what’s on yours?)

    Anyway, i’ll be on Live on DOAU this week. I’ll probably suck since i haven’t played DOA2 since the Dreamcast days (i never got the third game). Time to get practicing with the demo version. Gamertag: Psykotik 2000.


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