Girls are pussies when it comes to scary movies

Well as most of you probably know by now, i have a strong dislike for going to the movies. Mostly because i hate having to deal with all the people around me. I hate all the noisy fuckers. I hate the people that get up in the middle of the movie to go to the bathroom. I hate the people that talk during the movie. They’re all so fucking annoying and distracting.

But despite all that, my movie-going experience with Saw was surprisingly pleasant. Nobody kicking the back of my seat every 10 seconds, no KIDS (thank you R rating), hardly anyone talking or making stupid cracks. I was expecting lots of stupid college fuckers to ruin it for everyone (there were a lot of them around) but they were all surprisingly well behaved. Barring the people that kept getting up to take a piss or whatever (distracts the shit out of me because i keep catching them walking out in the corner of my eye), it was 98% perfect.

-1% for the stupid walk outs and another -1% for this one silly bitch who was sitting a seat away from me, to my left within my periperal view, who kept tilting her head down and covering her eyes and ears EVERY SINGLE TIME something ‘scary’ was about to happen onscreen. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. What’s the fucking point of going to a scary movie if you’re not gonna watch all the scary parts??? She probably wasn’t the only one doing that. Pussies. Girls are so fucking stupid sometimes. It actually pissed me off that she wasn’t watching the movie. Stupid.

Reminds me of the time i made one of my ex’s watch Audition. She did the exact same thing too. Good God. It’s just a movie. Anyhow, that silly bitch in the theater probably spent like half the movie looking down with her eyes and ears covered. I just wanted to reach over, grab her head and force her look to at the screen. What a waste. She would’ve been better off watching Shall We Dance? or Shark Tale or Surviving Christmas or something. Saw wasn’t even THAT scary. I can’t imagine if she’d gone and watched The Grudge instead.

Because face it, American horror just can’t hold a candle to Japanese horror. I actually haven’t seen the remake of The Grudge yet, but judging from the reaction most people had with The Ring (and knowing the fact that The Grudge has more scares than The Ring) she would’ve probably been looking at the inside of her eyelids throughout the entire movie. Nevertheless, that girl pissed me off. What a silly bitch.

Actually fuck it, i’m going to see The Grudge tomorrow and sit next to a girl just to piss myself off again.

/easily annoyed


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