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Hmm. Haven’t done one of these in a while. Picked up two DVDs a coupla days ago. Haven’t done that in a while too. I think the last two that i bought were the Ultimate Dawn Of The Dead set and the Clerks X set. And that was quite a while ago. Haven’t been spending much on DVDs because i’ve been saving up for all the big holiday videogame releases i guess. I should probably update my list to reflect my new purchases.

I’m thinking about getting either Metal Gear Solid 3 or Ghost Recon 2 today. Not sure yet. Although i could probably just hold off on Ghost Recon 2 and get it for free from this guy that added me to his xbox live friends list (he’s a fellow fubar visitor actually). He works for Ubisoft and was telling me about how he wants to send me a game for free. Either Ghost Recon 2 or Prince Of Persia 2. Haha. If i do end up buying GR2, then i guess i’ll choose POP 2 if he’s actually serious about it.

Anyhow i picked up The Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated Director’s Cut of course) and Before Sunset.

Got a bit confused over at Best Buy while i was picking out a copy of Riddick because they had not two, but three different versions of the same movie. The theatrical PG-13 cut, the unrated cut and a special Best Buy package that includes a second DVD (althought it doesn’t actually say there’s an extra DVD in there) with about an hour of extra.. extras. If you’re thinking about picking it up, look for that third version. Makes the DVD worth buying since the regular edition has some pretty shitty extras. That second “Exclusive Best Buy Bonus Content” DVD is actually pretty good. Makes it worth buying if you’re on the fence about it. Plus you could probably still pick it up for 16 bucks (before they bump up the price to 24 bucks at the end of the week).

They added about 15 minutes more to the unrated cut. Alternate lines (more swearing), more subplots and more uncut violence (decapitation!). Good stuff. I hope the DVD sells well enough to warrant a sequel. Because that’s how this movie got made. Pitch Black wasn’t successful at the box office but did big business on DVD. TCOR did pretty poor earlier this year so it probably won’t get a sequel unless it does well in DVD sales. I hope it does. The ending in TCOR sets up what could be an interesting trilogy (if it ever gets made).

I’ve been waiting for Before Sunset to come out on DVD. Never got around to catching it in theaters this summer but now that i have, i just have to say wow. I love love love this movie. You’re gonna have to have seen Before Sunrise to be able to enjoy Before Sunset though. I won’t bore you with the plot summaries (you can look them up over here and here if you’re interested) but if you like Richard Linklater’s work and don’t mind watching movies that’s just 100% talking (if you liked Waking Life, then you’ll probably love these two movies even more), give Before Sunrise and Before Sunset a chance.

I’d love to get opinions on what you think of these two movies if you’ve already seen them.

Oh and take a look at this.

The Infernal Affairs Trilogy 8 DVD set. Which includes a 5 hour cut of all three movies, chronologically cut together. The set costs about 80 – 100 bucks (depending on where you buy it). Now i just have to decide on whether i should get this or the 10 disc Matrix trilogy set.

Finally, i’d just like to plug If you couldn’t care less about all that DVD talk up there then at least entertain yourselves by checking out these guys. Some of you probably have seen their work before but if you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to check out some of their shorts. These guys are HILARIOUS.

I recommend watching:

In that order.

If you don’t laugh at least once during any of those shorts, then you probably have no sense of humor and eat small babies. Heartless humorless bastards.

Lemme know which ones you liked best.


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