Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It’s been a week now since Yahoo had this trailer up. I often wonder why Quicktime trailers don’t always show up on Apple’s site first considering they’re using Apple’s .mov format. I could care less for .wmv or .rm trailers though. They can show up wherever the fuck they want. Who the fuck uses Windows Media Player or RealPlayer anyway.

Quicktime > All

Nevertheless, Mr. and Mrs. Smith looks like a damn fun movie. Reminds me of True Lies (BEST ever James Cameron flick. next to Titanic of course). But maybe that’s because they used the same True Lies tango music in the trailer.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith = True Lies + War Of The Roses

Oh. And it’s directed by Doug Liman, who did Swingers, Go and The Bourne Identity. Good director, good movies, good times.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is going to be so money.


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