G4techTV pisses me off. Here’s a list of all the things i currently hate about it.

Kevin Pereira

I hate this guy. Worst host ever on G4techTV. Stupid smug asshole. I’d like to ram an Xbox controller (the original Duke ones) up his ass and drop an Xbox on his head. 300 times. Have you seen this guy? He looks fucking skeezy. God i hate him. I hate when he goes on fucking gaming rants on Pulse. Shut the fuck up fanboy.

Chi Lan Lieu

I hate her smile. She’s always smiling. And when she smiles, it’s like her eyes disappear. What is she? Chinese? Korean? Squinty? Alllooksame? If Chi Lan Lieu were an emoticon, she would be:


With a big smile like this of course 😀

But with eyes like this -_-

I’d still hit it though. Even though i hate her.

Those stupid G-Spot pop ups

I hate it when i’m watching some stupid shitty show on G4techTV and that stupid fucking pop up things fucking pops up with it’s fucking LOUD and JARRING sound effects. You know, when all of a sudden out of fucking nowhere you see some stupid wooden plank thing or whatever pop up on the bottom of your TV screen and then some shitty spray painted G- Spot thing gets spray painted and then disappears? That’s the thing i hate. That stupid pop up. I hate it.

I hate the new Screen Savers

Ruined. Totally ruined. What used to be the best tech show on TV has now become a fucking gaming show. Not that i hate gaming but shit. They have other shows for that like X Play or Electronic Playground or whatever. Where is the TECH in G4techTV? The Screensavers used to have tech. Now it’s gone! All gone! Have you noticed how fucking stupid all the live calls have become? Back in the day you’d get questions from tech newbs that were actually good. Nowadays it’s fucking questions like “Is there anyway to play PC CD ROMS on an Xbox?”. Stupid. Also you can tell that Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane fucking hate the new hosts (Kevin P and Chi Lan fucking Lieu). Kevin even posted something to the effect of “When Chi Lan answers a live call, God kills a kitten” or something on his blog (which he later erased). The new Screensavers sucks.

I hate Martin Sargent and his stupid Unscrewed show

He’s not funny. His show is not funny. And there’s nothing worse.. NOTHING worse.. than a live studio audience that laughs at things that you KNOW isn’t funny.. but they’re laughing at it anyway. There’s is NOTHING funny about him or his show. NOTHING. And yet, you still hear the fucking audience laugh anyway. But hey, at least they cancelled that stupid show and fired his ass.

I hate Arena

What a useless show. Fucking useless. I hate it.

I hate Cinematech

What a useless show. Fucking useless. I hate it.

I hate Cheat

What a useless show. Fucking useless. I hate it.

I hate G4TV

They killed TechTV. They killed of ALL their good shows, ALL their good on air talent, and ALL the good things that the original TechTV had to offer. Namely, all the TECH shows that TechTV had to offer. Now all we have is some bastard child G4TechTV hybrid channel that’s 99% gaming and 1% tech. In fact, if i’m not mistaken, G4techTV is actually dropping the TechTV from it’s name in January and going back to being G4TV again. Fuck G4.

Other things i hate:

Those stupid Truth ads

I hate those stupid ads. You know the ones. The ones where you see a bunch of dumb kids with some dumbass related to some other dead dumbass or whoever showing up in the middle of the city in front of some dumb cigarette company and and then setting up some dumb podium or chair or microphone or some shit for the dumb cigarette company people to come down to to respond to some dumb shit question some dumb people are asking and never getting an answer to. I hate those dumb commercials. Fucking dumb. Smokers, cigarette companies and the people who make those Truth ads; all dumb. They can all go to hell.

Okay back to G4techTV shit. Because i still hate it so much more than anything else right now.

I hate Robot Wars

What a useless show. Fucking useless. I hate it. I can’t believe they shitcanned all the good TechTV shows like Fresh Gear and whatnot and kept this shitty show on the air. Stupid. I hate it.

I hate whatsherface. That MTV bitch.

What the hell is she doing on fucking G4TechTV? Julie. That’s her name. Julie Stoffer. What the fuck. Is she even a gamer? Isn’t she Mormon? Do Mormons even play videogames? Stupid. I hate her.

I hate Tommy Tallarico

Back in the day, i thought this guy was the shit. He made some of the best music for some of the best games ever like Earthworm Jim and shit. I used to read all the interviews he did in EGM and all the other videogame magazines and thought “Wow! What a cool guy!”. Then to my surprise, when i first saw him on Judgment Day, i was like, “Hey! it’s Tommy Tallarico!”. Now whenever i see him on TV, i’m like, “Fuck. It’s Tommy Tallarico”. Okay, actually he’s not that bad. He can be funny sometimes. It’s just that i can’t stand his voice. I hate his voice. Maybe i should reword the heading.

I hate Tommy Tallarico’s voice

I hate it.


Okay what else do i hate.

I’m sure there’s more.

I should’ve made a real list beforehand. Now i’m just thinking of things off the top of my head. Obviously, i’m only scratching the surface with all my G4techTV complaints. There’s a whole lot more to everything but it’s all been covered on other sites and other forums. And i’m sure at least some of you know what i’m talking about.

All you have to do is just google “G4 TechTV sucks” or “the new screensavers sucks” and you’ll see how horrible G4 has been to TechTV since their merger/buyout.

I hate G4techTV.


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  1. HOLY CRAP I was just browsing through ur website and cant belive how u just hit the spot with g4tv i totally agreeeeeeeeee with u on all the shit u said about g4 i fuckin hate it too like fucking… umm wats the name of the “gamer” show well anyway its so bad i forgot the name anyway i know u like the hostess but I hate the host which is adam sandler that should be enough to know which show it is I hate this guy so much its not even funny they review games that r soo Fing old who the hell cares about them by the time they review them shit i had to get that off my chest i feel better now. 🙂

    #1 | Comment by Gio — February 14, 2006 @ 8:12 am

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