Welcome to the OC, bitch

To: webmaster@psykotik.zzn.com
Subject: Laguna fucking beach
From: taylorjn
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 03:05:56 -0500


Interesting site

I get lots of kicks from your site and find myself every so often checking it out when i finally peel my ass away from crazyshit.com. Anyway you are slacking. I mean shit ya G4TV fucking sucks yeah but laguna beach is what fucking sucks.

What is this shit? A bunch a whining fucking sluts and boyfriend hopping and shit fucking stupid. Reality TV is fucking stupid where do they get off on this shit. Everybody involved in the reality TV generation movement that has taken the american public is fucking dumb – i hate them and it and america

Post some damn pictures of Kristin and LC though cuz they are hot and i want them naked too.

Oh and that Julie Stoffers bitch sucks ass

Laguna Fucking Beach. What an amazing show that is. Goddamn bunch of spoiled rich kids. Seriously, do people like this REALLY exist? Rich blonde 17 and 18 year old bitches who like to party. Which includes going to Cabo for Spring Break, getting drunk, jumping on the bar and table dancing for a bunch of dudes of course, and then having sex with other girl’s boyfriends. Scandalous! And, it seems like these kids don’t even have parents because you barely even see them throughout the series. You just see kids blowing cash, driving around in their Mercedes, and lounging around in big houses and shit. Some of them are some really cute though.

So it’s supposed to be a ‘real’ reality show, starring real OC kids. It’s the real OC as MTV puts it. But i have a hard time believing that it’s not scripted. Then again, you really couldn’t really script the stupidity that comes out these kids. So at the very least, the show’s definitely got to be planned. Or staged. There’s no way they could have gotten such perfect looking shots without at least staging some of them. That said, i hate everyone on this show. All of them. All stupid.

But you’re right though. That LC is hot. Her and that Kristin slut. Not sure which one i’d do more given the chance but if it came down to Kristin, she’d have to leave that twitbag Lo at home though. Lo seems.. i don’t even know how to describe her. But evenso, Kristin; that girl is such a serious cunt rag. I swear to God. I’d totally run over her with a car if i saw her. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be such a complete and total fucking bitch all the time.

I’d still fuck her though. She kinda looks like an Olsen twin.


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