Retiring the site

After much personal consideration, i’ve decided to retire the site for good. I’m taking the site offline on February 1st. As of right now, i’m not sure what i’ll be doing in the future in terms of having or running a(nother?) website but if i ever do come back in some way or another, it won’t be with this site. It would probably be a clean start. If i ever do decide to come back that is. Point is, i’m done with this fubar ‘brand name’ that i’ve created and the associations that have come with it. It’ll always be my baby and i’ll always love it but i no longer have the desire to run things as is anymore. So i’m giving it up.

That said, i’d like to thank those of you who’ve been coming around all these years and months, whether you’re just a lurker or an active poster in the comments and forums.

It’d be a good idea to wrap up any on going conversations in the forums and backup any important PMs and contacts and whatnot. If you’d like to send me any e-mails for whatever reason, do so at my GMail account (psykotik at

So until next time, this is the end.


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