Scary Movie 2 – sort of..

In other sequel news, “Scary Movie” scribes Buddy Johnson and Phil Beauman are about to do it all over again, though this time spoofing a genre that not only deserves it – nay, requires it. The Hollywood Reporter announces that the pair’s satricial take on teen movies entitled “Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Roadtrips When I Can’t Hardly Wait to Be Kissed” has been snapped up by Sony who hopes to put it in production this Fall.

Cool. I bet they’re probably gonna shorten the title and just call it Teen Movie. Anyway, i just a read a review of The Legend Of Dragoon and it said that it pretty much sucked nuts so i guess i won’t be playing that game anymore. Whoopie. I’m gonna watch What Lies Beneath tonight. It looks kinda Sixth Sense-y. Michelle Pfeiffer’s in it. Grrr…loved her as Catwoman (who didn’t?). It’s funny…i notice that whenever i write about something controversial, my hit count skyrockets into the stratosphere. Excellent. But you know what? I feel a backlash coming towards me in the not so distant future……i can just feel it…

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