Whoopie! A post!

Okay, i’m at an Internet Cafe with Pat by my side. We just got off from a game of pool with Angela, Hester and Majid. They all went home and it’s just me and Pat now. Okay, my posts for the next few days including the ones last night are (and were) gonna be shit cos i’m under pressure. Why? Cos i’m using a PC that’s not mine (e.g. Majid’s sucky ass PC), i’ve got strange people all around me (i’m in a cybercafe right now) and because i crack under pressure easily (not really).

Anyway, it’s been a pretty eventful night…i think. Me, Pat and Majid met up with Angela and Hesterin Coffeezone (think Starbucks) and then we went over to a pool hall…to play pool (Duh). We saw Jeanne and Rosie there (and at Coffeezone too infact).

Pat was insisting that i go over to them and say hi but i dunno why but i didn’t. They probably think that i’m an asshole now for not even saying hi.
Shit. Now i feel bad. Oh well. My bad. Anyway, i played a game of pool with Angela and i beat her ass. Haha. I didn’t get a chance to play Pat but if i did i would’ve won. Haha. (That’s the ‘smug bastard’ side of me speaking)

I’ll probably post a recap of my weekend in the ‘big city’ on Sunday or Monday. Oh the ‘plans’ that i kinda made have gone down the proverbial shitter. Me and Pat have absolutely shit all (meaning no plans at all). We’re just taking things as they come.

Oh yeah, we saw Nori and Jason. They were playing pool. (Yes, everyone plays pool. EVERYONE.) I have NO idea how we’re gonna get back to Majid’s place tonight. We’re probably gonna have to walk. It’s a pretty long walk. Shit.
Anyway, hey remember a few days ago i said i got a girl to give me her phone number without me even asking her? I actually saw her just now and she saw me. We walked past each other twice and i could tell that she knew who i was (We only know each other online but we’ve seen each other’s pics). Anyway, we didn’t say hi or anything but we made eye contact numerous times. Heheh. She was with a friend and i saw them leave in a car. After that me and Pat went to another pool hall. Pat had to wash his hands at the restroom there because when he was going downstairs from the other pool hall, someone spitted on the hand railing for the stairs and Pat ran his hand into it. Haha. Dumbass. I was laughing my ass off. Hehe. Anyway as i was saying…after i saw the girl leave, she called me up on my cell phone!

She was like “Is this Justin? Hi, it’s **..” And i was like “Yeah hi…i saw you just now..” etc etc bla bla… Anyway, i didn’t get to talk to her that long but she seemed (and looked) very nice. I’ll probably try calling her up tomorrow and see what she’s doing.

I’ve got about $90 bucks in my pocket ready to spend…heheh. (But my mom is expecting around $70 returned back to her. Shit)

I *probably* won’t be able to update again tonight but i’ll try (i doubt it though).

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