Hey i like to expand my horizons

Today’s been a pretty boring day. I think to spice it up for myself, i’m gonna REFRAIN from swearing even once in this post. I seem to swear quite alot. And i think it’s getting really monotonous. It’s like…”Oh..there he goes again”. I didn’t do anything productive AT ALL today. Just basically surfed the net, ICQed with
Thess for a bit (ooh…she’s purty) and….that’s it. Oh and i slept. Now i’m awake. Blah. Oh yeah, and i stand corrected. Jorge’s Pad was established July 98.

Actually you know what? I quite like the new lines/layout. It kinda grows on you. Well it did on me. Someone mentioned to me that it was weird though. I’m trying to make another navigation bar thing on the other side of my site so that i’ve got 2 (two) on each side and the news comes up in the middle. But my HTML skillz are sorely lacking for this one and i keep on fuc… scre… *ehem* messing it up.

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