Hit me baby one more time

I mean, a high of 85 hits so far this week since i started updating again? Come ON! I once got a high of 196 hits for freaks sakes! Okay. 196 may mean shit all to you but it’s not for a ‘small’ site like mine.

I think. Hit whore hit whore hit whore hit whore hit whore. I am.
Hey, you know what they say: “I think therefore i am”.

Hmmmmmm…… *thinking of insidious ways, Nathan-style, to get more hits for my site* Mark my words. I WILL get more than 100 hits by tomorrow! Muahahhahhaa.

If not, then you can just laugh. At my hit stats. Not me though. Hey go read the fuck essay down there. I gotta make like a banana and split. I got class in 20 minutes. Wouldn’t wanna miss another class again would we?

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