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  1. What happened to her braces?

    #1 | Comment by Colorless — March 1, 2006 @ 9:11 pm

  2. That is going to be a dick in one year

    #2 | Comment by firebolt — March 1, 2006 @ 9:16 pm

  3. Aww. All grown up now. I’m so proud.


    #3 | Comment by Sophistry — March 1, 2006 @ 9:21 pm

  4. zomg what would dumbledore say 😮

    #4 | Comment by gulliver — March 1, 2006 @ 9:22 pm

  5. That has photoshop written all over it.

    #5 | Comment by Steampunk — March 1, 2006 @ 9:23 pm

  6. is she old enuf for me to say i’d hit it?

    #6 | Comment by iamthedevil60 — March 1, 2006 @ 10:23 pm

  7. You can tell how young she is…she’s using too much teeth.

    #7 | Comment by Nerima — March 1, 2006 @ 11:04 pm

  8. Where is your Hermione now?

    Future cockslut…

    #8 | Comment by Zahid — March 1, 2006 @ 11:12 pm

  9. I bet she’s just fooling and not actually drinking.

    #9 | Comment by Steve Hall — March 1, 2006 @ 11:18 pm

  10. Anyone else think theres a little too much jailbait on this site? No? It’s only me then…hello? Oh screw it..Chug Chug Chug Emma!

    #10 | Comment by Sliy — March 1, 2006 @ 11:35 pm


    #11 | Comment by Trip — March 1, 2006 @ 11:43 pm

  12. Corona is for mongs, I’m not suprised an underage girl would drink it

    #12 | Comment by reamination — March 2, 2006 @ 12:13 am

  13. stupid muggles

    #13 | Comment by A.R. — March 2, 2006 @ 12:20 am

  14. I was drinking whisky and gin at 15…no big deal. Btw..corona sucks.

    #14 | Comment by sam — March 2, 2006 @ 12:33 am

  15. How old is she now? She has a glass of orange stuff next to her so maybe it’s not hers, it looks like she is out and I’d be surprised if she could get served.

    #15 | Comment by Thalia — March 2, 2006 @ 1:13 am

  16. This can only go well… FOR US!

    #16 | Comment by odietamo — March 2, 2006 @ 1:16 am

  17. She’s 16. I thought you could order alcohol with a meal at 16 in the UK. Thalia would know better than myself, though.

    #17 | Comment by Jaquio — March 2, 2006 @ 2:35 am

  18. Don’t do it, don’t chug the alcohol….chug something else!

    #18 | Comment by uniquejuan — March 2, 2006 @ 2:57 am

  19. #10 – “Anyone else think theres a little too much jailbait on this site?”


    #19 | Comment by Bill Clay — March 2, 2006 @ 3:12 am

  20. C’mon, you can plainly see that little Emma is mugging for the camera and isn’t really taking a sip of that beer. Unlike like that Jack Daniels swilling slut Willa.

    #20 | Comment by Bill Clay — March 2, 2006 @ 3:15 am

  21. Emma Watson is h_o_t. Plain and simple.

    I feel so dirty. But, just like Lemmy sings: I’m so bad, baby I don’t care. 😀

    #21 | Comment by Marcato — March 2, 2006 @ 3:42 am

  22. You’re right, #21, she is hot.

    Would someone tell me why?

    She’s been hot since the first Harry Potter, and I still don’t know why she’s so attractive.

    #22 | Comment by exelis — March 2, 2006 @ 4:02 am

  23. I think you can drink alcohol in the U.K. at age 14 but you can’t buy it until you’re 18.

    Emma rocks.

    #23 | Comment by Nerima — March 2, 2006 @ 4:04 am

  24. #2, you assume it already isn’t?

    #24 | Comment by Grammaton_Cleric — March 2, 2006 @ 5:11 am

  25. I never pictured Hermione getting crunk. At least she’s not trying to flash gangsta signs like Jojo would do. That’s probably because white, British girls realize that it’s retarded to act black.

    #25 | Comment by Elder Young — March 2, 2006 @ 5:45 am

  26. You’d be surprised Elder Young.

    But I agree she is a little too middle class to act black.
    That’s not to say she’ll do a Charlotte Church, and get boyfriends who are from the wrong side of the tracks.

    #26 | Comment by Matt_T — March 2, 2006 @ 6:13 am

  27. corona. the woman has taste.

    #27 | Comment by RyanThaRappa — March 2, 2006 @ 6:46 am

  28. #26

    Do you mean that guy who leaked the pictures of Ms. Church topless from his mobile?

    God bless the little guy…

    #28 | Comment by Zahid — March 2, 2006 @ 8:15 am

  29. Isn’t it legal to drink in Britain by her age anyways?

    …JD’s more badass.

    #29 | Comment by Solar7 — March 2, 2006 @ 8:18 am

  30. she maybe is trying to grab attention but in my opinion it is the wrong way to do it. emma rocks the way she is without the alcohol.

    #30 | Comment by Zobot — March 2, 2006 @ 8:33 am

  31. Emma is 15. She’ll be 16 in April. I think she’s just playing around for the camera.

    #31 | Comment by MK Ultra — March 2, 2006 @ 10:14 am

  32. oh come on its just drinking. something like 99.8% of teenagers drink. I want pics of her doing lines or smoking crack.

    #32 | Comment by gangstertothecore — March 2, 2006 @ 11:06 am

  33. i just noticed how her shirt is. wolves and snoopy on the same t-shirt, i love it

    #33 | Comment by gangstertothecore — March 2, 2006 @ 11:11 am

  34. Who the fuck drinks corona?

    Only underage futuresluts, that’s who!

    #34 | Comment by Jacked — March 2, 2006 @ 1:14 pm

  35. H_O_T!

    Emma may be only 15, but she’s the cutest damn thing out there.

    #35 | Comment by I'd_Hit_It — March 2, 2006 @ 2:22 pm

  36. look at this pic and tell me you don’t want to be her friend!

    #36 | Comment by Topher — March 2, 2006 @ 7:47 pm

  37. sorry guess i suck at html tonight

    try this

    #37 | Comment by Topher — March 2, 2006 @ 7:49 pm

  38. DAMMIT that was the wrong pic!

    HOP E this is right now

    #38 | Comment by Topher — March 2, 2006 @ 7:50 pm

  39. I think there needs to be more Emma here:

    Partial side boob

    Don’t you just love the way her shirt stretches?

    I thnk it’s the eyes that do it…

    …and her smile of course

    And of course, she is just about the cutest thing ever

    Another one…

    …and another one

    #39 | Comment by Marcato — March 2, 2006 @ 9:23 pm

  40. Call the pedo police!!

    #40 | Comment by Trip — March 2, 2006 @ 11:50 pm

  41. If you look at the comments in this forum you can see how desperately they want the photo to be a fake. I think it says a lot about why people turn to celebrities and what insecurities they bring to it all. It seems pretty clear that, to many people, her drinking makes her too much like the pretty girls they know in real life and who, presumably, want nothing to do with them.

    #41 | Comment by guy — March 3, 2006 @ 3:08 am

  42. I’m a fan of hers, in the sense that I think she’s really cute, and hittable.
    And I’m her age so that doesn’t make me a pedo.

    In her position, photos like these can mess up public opinions, even if she’s acting like drinking.

    But… hey, I drink. But I’m not a big celebrity so I don’t give a damn :-p

    #42 | Comment by karamel — March 3, 2006 @ 4:18 am

  43. theres more!!

    #43 | Comment by guy — March 3, 2006 @ 6:45 am

  44. I wonder what she is like drunk?

    #44 | Comment by Grammaton_Cleric — March 3, 2006 @ 8:34 am

  45. ^^^
    still pretty tight i would imagine…


    #45 | Comment by AngelBaby — March 3, 2006 @ 10:38 am

  46. #41 – It’s like the Claymates going rabid over all the stories of these guys that had teh butt sex with Gay Aiken. These fanatics become so wrapped up in their chosen idol that any hint of scandal pushes them off the deep end.

    #46 | Comment by Bill Clay — March 3, 2006 @ 12:11 pm

  47. A Brit drinking. Yeah there’s a real shocker. 15 or otherwise. And she’s drinking a corona, might as well be water.

    #47 | Comment by JohnDoe — March 3, 2006 @ 4:46 pm

  48. It’s fake.


    #48 | Comment by n — March 5, 2006 @ 12:43 pm

  49. #48 – i think thats photoshopped. I zoomed in with Opera and theres no discontinuity between the wrist and the hand.

    Look people. Shes like every pretty girl you’ve ever met. SHe drinks, sHe doesnt want to be your friend and she doesnt want to have sex with you.

    Just flip her in your brain from madonna to whore and get over it.

    #49 | Comment by guy — March 5, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

  50. make sure you look at the full version (the one the resized pic links to)

    #50 | Comment by guy — March 5, 2006 @ 3:54 pm

  51. in conclusion, pictures of celebrities should make your penis feel better about itself, if you use them to feel better about your self, you probably need to see a psychiatrist.

    #51 | Comment by guy — March 5, 2006 @ 3:59 pm

  52. I’d hit it, and then hit it again and again etc…

    #52 | Comment by Kev — March 10, 2006 @ 10:26 am

  53. emma is allowed to drink…if she wants…aslong she is round an adult!

    does anyone have a pic ov her with braces?

    #53 | Comment by Mel — March 10, 2006 @ 11:08 am

  54. This only means she is NORMAL


    #54 | Comment by EQ — March 15, 2006 @ 12:11 pm

  55. THANK FUCK FOR #54.

    i’m 15 and have been drinking for 3 years, ohhh big fucking deal.

    ohh cant remember what i was gonna say next….

    oh yeah… I’D DEFFO HIT IT!!!

    #55 | Comment by sniffer — March 18, 2006 @ 8:00 am


    #56 | Comment by Harry_ PoTheaD18 — March 18, 2006 @ 8:43 am

  57. Apparently Ron had gotten back with Lavender Brown!POOR HERMIONE!!!!!

    #57 | Comment by Harry_ PoTheaD18 — March 18, 2006 @ 8:44 am

  58. OH DEAR! What woULD JK Rowling think of her now?!!

    #58 | Comment by SAMMY — March 18, 2006 @ 8:46 am

  59. Teen Witches Gone WILD!….

    #59 | Comment by GinNjuice12 — March 18, 2006 @ 8:47 am


    #60 | Comment by JK Rowling — March 18, 2006 @ 8:52 am

  61. emma waston is so damn hottttttttttttt emma waston will u go out with me im 14 years old my e-mail address is dogs92@hotmail.com

    #61 | Comment by billy martin — March 21, 2006 @ 12:38 pm

  62. #60 hahhahahah that shit is funny ass hell, she might just do that, will never know, but damn over in england its like any everyday thing,, in america you drink and get cought your shit out of luck(known from experience) every one in america hates every cop on the street… peace out

    #62 | Comment by Bryant — March 24, 2006 @ 11:20 am

  63. emma watson how could u do this to me i thought that time i came to your house u said u quit this better be an old photo

    your x

    #63 | Comment by emma lover — March 31, 2006 @ 5:45 am

  64. “OK, this is how it was. Say, are you regular cops? Are you gonna… OK, yeah, I said I’ll cooperate. You’re recording this, right? OK, I admit I was in there, in the trailer

    (GCS: inaudible)

    I got in there off-site, in back of the closet. I was in there when the trailer was brought in.

    (GCS: inaudible).

    Yeah, right, you need to look at that. It was hard though. Damn hot in there. Had some water, half a pizza.

    But I just knew I had to get close to her, Emma. I loved her. It’s like…it’s like… you can’t say what it’s like. I was in love with her. Dreamed of touching her. Her hair. Her face.

    (GCS: inaudible)

    Yeah, right, if only.

    (general laughter)

    Didn’t know what I was going to do. Hadn’t thought beyond, you know, just getting close. Sounds kinda strange but even the smell of the wood in the closet that she hadn’t even used was exciting cos she was going to be around it

    (GCS: inaudible)

    You understand then… you’re not regular cops, right? OK, I’ll go on, I’m getting to it.

    About eight in the evening I heard everyone arriving and then I heard her. I heard Emma Watson’s voice and felt her step up into the trailer. She said something about the heat and being in California. There was someone with her, a woman. I don’t know who it was. After a while the other person left and I heard Emma make a couple of calls

    (GCS: inaudible )

    I think one was to her mother, the other sounded like it was to someone young. She was saying ‘fuck this’ and stuff like that. Really weird hearing her say ‘fuck all this’ in her sexy English accent. Not like her image, if you know what I mean.

    After the second call, she went to the other end of the trailer. I had problems. One was I was busting to go. To urinate. But I used my empty water bottle for that. The other, like I said, was I hadn’t planned anything beyond where I was. Just being there was the plan.

    (GCS: inaudible)

    No, I swear, nothing like that. Well, maybe seeing her …er…naked, or just asleep. I was so cramped in, behind the closet panel, it was getting painful anyway, so I had to get out, but I couldn’t decide when was best. OK, I admit, it was getting me excited, the idea of seeing Emma … you know, off duty, and…

    (GCS: inaudible)

    Well, I guess I don’t feel so alone then

    (general laughter)

    It was real quiet, in the trailer and outside. It was a few minutes before eleven thirty. I thought I could hear Emma moving around at the end of the trailer. I eased the closet back panel away from its pins and slid out from behind it and into the closet. There were clothes hanging in it now, Emma’s clothes. I…it was…they smelt like…angels and honey …sorry guys… Anyhow, listen, I had got my nerve up to come out of the closet

    (laughter and , inaudible)

    OK guys, yeah, funny, but you listen to this. The trailer door opened, right? No knock, nothing, the door opened and I felt someone step up into the trailer, some big guy, the trailer tipped, and you know these star trailers, they’re heavy duty, double-axle, but this thing tipped when they got in so I knew it wasn’t the woman who’d been by earlier. Heard this man’s voice, European, not a Brit though, I don’t think, call her name. But you, you know, the weird thing is, he called her Hermione. He called her by her name in the movies, in this kinda soft, weird way ‘Her-mi-o-neee’. He walked by where I was and down the end where Emma was and I could hear their voices. I hadn’t planned on this but I knew this was a chance. A chance to get out. I thought I might even get right away, which I hadn’t expected to. I thought that was it, the end of the …of the…um …

    (GCS: inaudible)

    OK I admit it, I had a hard on right from the time she got into the trailer. But now I just wanted out.

    I eased the closet door open and slid out. It was a kind of dressing area I was in. You walked through it to get to the living part. And there was a shower stall. I wished she’d been taking a shower. I stood there, can you believe it? I was imagining her in the shower, when she was in fact with this guy … OK I’m getting to that.

    It had gone quiet down the living end of the trailer and I knew it gave me a good chance to sneak out the door, which was the opposite end. I took a couple of steps that way then I heard a woman make a noise, a kind of gasp, you know…when they’re… I thought that was real strange, no, actually I guess I knew it was Emma, but the sound was real deep down from the belly stuff. Say are you sure you want this all on tape? You sure? I’m getting a hard on just saying it

    (GCS: inaudible)

    Maybe you can make a few bucks…no…I was just kidding.

    There were curtains pulled across the end where Emma and the guy had gone. They were drawn tight and made of like that stuff, you know, blackout stuff

    I had to see what was happening. I mean, it was obvious what was happening but somehow I couldn’t believe it. I think I risked having a look cos it was my Emma in there and I had to know. I moved to the curtain, being real quiet, but I needn’t have worried. It was easy to peek through the gap in the curtains. I was in the dark, there was a light on in the area beyond, and they sure as hell weren’t looking in my direction. What I saw was …was…

    (GCS: inaudible)

    No. I’m OK. But get this. Emma was lying face down on this couch kind of thing that went all the way around the end of the trailer. She had on just a singlet top, you know, low cut, no arms

    GCS: inaudible

    Pink, if you must know. And below that she was naked. No panties. No nothing. Lying there with her legs stretched out and slightly apart. She was side-on to me or else I could have seen her … her… Guys, this is used in evidence, right? Am I going to get in more trouble for saying…? OK, I’ll use the technical term. If she’s been facing away I’d have been looking right at her vagina. The guy, the one who’d come in and called out to her in that weird way? He was sitting by her on the couch, right where her legs were, half-turned, and he had one hand like stretched out and resting on her back, rubbing her back really, up by her neck. He had this blue denim shirt on with the sleeves rolled up and I remember his arms were real brown and skinny, but he had big hands. So he’s rubbing her up by the neck with one hand, and he’s got the other shoved up between her legs, stroking her fan… her c… her vagina. Is this too much? Is this too much detail?

    (GCS: “No. no. It’s good.”)

    I couldn’t believe it. But what I couldn’t believe was that she, Emma Watson, while this guy’s big bony fingers were massaging her between the legs, was reading a book

    (transcriber’s note: interviewee put emotional emphasis on this point)

    She was lying there on her belly, with her hair all brushed and shining just like it looks in the photographs, half-naked, looking real small but kinda grownup too in a weird way, with a book propped in front of her cute nose, concentrating on it, with her eyebrows like, frowning a bit, like she does, you know, when she’s casting a spell in a movie … like there’s no one sitting there squeezing her private parts like he was … you know

    (GCS: inaudible)

    Yeah, like he was on a mission, he was putting everything into it, he was breathing like he was going to have a seizure

    (general laughter)

    and she was just lying there on her belly reading this book, flicking the pages over like she was all alone… I tell you … it was weird …

    After about a coupla minutes of this, the guy makes an impatient sound and grabs Emma’s buttocks with both hands, slap! and squeezes them, and he’s looking pissed off. She said ‘Ow’, real loud and clear in that British accent, and tried to bat his hands away without looking, still with her eyes on her book, still reading. She said something and wriggled her backside, like she was annoyed. The guy said ‘I don’t think so,’ and got onto the couch with his knees either side Emma’s thighs. You realize how young she still is when you see her like that, beside a full-size guy. He held her waist with both hands, I remember they went nearly around her waist. He pushed his hands up her body, along her rib-cage, rolling up her pink singlet top as he went. I got the feeling she was pressing down on the couch to make it harder for him. The top got rucked up under her chest and the guy got impatient and reached under her body and pulled her up, hauled her top half clear of the couch like s he was a sack of potatos, so he could get at her breasts. The pink top was all rucked up and hanging around her neck, leaving the rest of her naked.

    Emma’s hair was all messed up and hanging over her eyes and she couldn’t even pretend to be reading any more, I could see that. She let the book drop on the floor while the guy knelt over her, with his hands under her, rubbing and squeezing her breasts. She laid her head down on the couch like she wanted to sleep, with her head turned so I couldn’t see her face. Well, the guy went on rubbing her …chest area … for a while. He was like talking to himself, he kept saying ‘Her-mio-nee’ in that weird soft kind of way, and he was looking over her head, like at nothing.

    I wanted to go. This was not… this was like nothing I’d expected. I guess I felt I shouldn’t be there, which I know sounds stupid because of course I shouldna been there but – I really didn’t want to be seeing this. But somehow I couldn’t stop watching.

    (GCS: inaudible)

    Yeah, OK, since you’ve said it… I loved her … thousands of guys have fallen in love with Emma Watson .. and here she was … here I was …

    (tape paused for three minutes)

    OK, thanks guys. Shall I go on? It’s running, yeah? So I’m looking through the curtains at where Emma Watson’s face down on her own couch, in her own star trailer, with some European with bad hair and a cheap shirt kneeling on top of her, squeezing her breasts. I thought, any moment now, she’s gonna get mad, this is no way to treat a star like Emma Watson, some weird guy getting off on her, she’s gonna call for security or something. And you know, I hoped she would. Which was dumb, but I wasn’t thinking about myself, just the way this big guy was using her like a toy or something.

    Well, she just kept lying there like she had gone to sleep and eventually he took his hands out from under her and I thought he’s gotten fed up, he’s got the point and he’ll leave. He knelt up and stayed like that for a while, looking down at her back. Then he suddenly takes hold of her at one side, really grabs her hard, and rolls her over, flips her over, so she’s on her back. But her eyes were still closed. I noticed she had her eyes tight shut but she couldn’t possibly have been asleep, not the way he rolled her over like that. Then he knelt up again, grabs her wrists and pins them down above her head, and stared down at her like he’d done before. And because he was looking, I did too, I couldn’t help it.

    She’s really beautiful, guys, and OK it’s on tape and I’m going down for this anyway, so what the hell I’ll say it, she’s the slimmest, softest, sexiest little woman you’ll ever see, with those neat little shoulders tapering down to her tight sexy belly with those dimples where it curves into her … down into her, you know…

    (GCS : ‘Pubic mound?’)

    Yeah, well, that’s a tad technical for me


    She was a nice tan colour all over except where you’d expect, and even there her skin was like a creamy colour. I was so close I could see the shape of her nipples … they’re not as dark as I expected, by the way, considering her hair and eyebrows. I was so close, and the light was so good, and the guy had laid her out so naked and straight, with her arms straight and stretched over her head … you know that picture of her at some premiere or award show? The one where she’s wearing the frilly white dress and she’s waving to someone? So that in the high-res picture you can inspect her stretched armpit from like two inches away? You do? Hmm…Well, that’s what it brought to my mind, only now she wasn’t wearing a dress and she didn’t seem to be smiling. She just lay flat under him, her head turned away into the angle of the couch. You could see her chest rising and falling, breathing shallow but quick. Her breasts just made two slight mounds, with her lying flat like that but this guy seemed fixated on them. He started undoing his shirt, he had a real hairy chest and stomach, kind of unpleasantly hairy if you know what I mean, but all the time he kept staring at Emma’s little breasts. I could see his lips moving and I could guess what he was saying over and over, ‘Her-mi-on-eee’.

    When he’d got his shirt undone and he was bare-chested, he pushed her up along the couch a bit and lay down on her. Oh yeah, and he kept one hand on her wrists so’s her arms were still stretched over her head. He lay down on her real slow and I thought he was being careful of her but it turned out he was aiming his nipple so it came down on hers … guys, I’m just telling this, OK? Like I say, he wanted to feel Emma’s naked breast under his but he was so much taller than her that he had a tough job hitting the target. And all the time the weird thing was that she just lay there absolutely still, as this guy rubbed away at her little nipples with his hairy European chest and muttered and moaned to himself. Once in a while he’d push himself up on his elbow and take a look at her face, which I couldn’t see but he could.

    I could tell it was making him mad that she was acting like she was asleep and I wasn’t surprised when he knelt upright again. I thought, give up you fat European bastard. But he looked down at Emma with a real nasty smile and took hold of her nipples, he pinched each of her nipples between his finger and thumb and began to pull. You could see the skin of her breasts stretching and the nipples were going pale where he was pinching the blood out of them. For a moment nothing happened, then Emma let out a squeal and half sat up, and I tell you, her eyes were open now, real wide, mad as hell, and she grabbed his wrists where he was still pinching her nipples. If she hadn’t squealed they’d have heard me, cause I know I made a noise and nearly went in there to stop it.

    Emma was slapping at the guy’s wrists but that wasn’t stopping him so she starts slapping at his face, bang, bang, bang, real hard hits so you could see the marks on this guy’s stubble. She was saying stuff like ‘Oh, ow, not my tits, bastard, bastard, let go’, on and on. Then suddenly he does let go and ‘Wham’, he lets her have it with his fist, right in the belly, right at the base of her sexy belly, that rounded bit with the two dimples that she likes to show off in publicity shots, just above the first pubic hair. Emma lets out a loud kinda gasping grunt and flops back on the couch, doubled up with her hands clawing at her belly and crotch, mouth wide open but nothing coming out, her face bright red and her eyes pouring tears. I’m there looking through the curtains and thinking, shall I do something? Call the cops? And then thinking what it would be like explaining what I was doing there and that the other guy could say anything, and I was the intruder. So I just stayed pu t but real worried about what I was seeing being done to Emma Watson, considering last time I’d seen her she was in a knee-length skirt and modest little top, giving that great big open-mouthed smile to the cameras at some Los Angeles hotel.

    The guy just stands over her while she’s doubled up on the couch, enjoying the view, and I have to say I was too, her hips looked real wide and rounded and womanly like you don’t see when she’s standing up and stuff. Cos she was curled up, I could see her whole backside, her bottom as she’d likely call it

    GCS: inaudible

    OK, if the detail’s important for prosecution, I’ll give it. I could see her vaginal pouch between her buttocks and light brown pubic hair around it and round her anus too.

    GCS: inaudible

    Oh, the labia … vaginal lips, right? Yeah, her labia were a kind of pinky-brown and her cunt … sorry, vagina … was open so you could see pink inside…say, you guys really do need this detail, right? OK, OK, it’s just .. you know, this girl’s special, to me and lotsa other guys. Yeah, I know, they don’t all stalk her and break into her trailer, fair . Oh, you want me to go on.

    Anyways, after a bit Emma lets go of herself, props herself up on one elbow, and with a real evil look at the foreign guy she brushed the hair back from her forehead. She had on that angry face she pulls in the Harry Potter movies when someone says something she doesn’t like, you know, how she puts her head a bit down and frowns and sticks her bottom lip out? Only here, she was nursing two tweaked nipples and a well-pounded belly …

    GCS: inaudible

    Well, I wouldn’t know if he coulda damaged her womb, what kinda idea is that anyway? All I’m telling you, that’s where he hit her .. a mean guy. But I tell you, this sounds so bad, but I got to admit it looked funny, her sitting there, buck naked, apart from her crumpled pink top round her neck, making that ‘Hermione’ face, I nearly laughed out loud. I’m sorry, I think the craziness of the whole thing was getting to me.

    The guy was doing something I couldn’t see, below his waist, then he said ‘Suck on it,’ in a real hard voice, I still couldn’t place his accent. Emma narrowed her eyes in that way she has and said ‘No, that’s disgusting, I won’t,’ and sat right up and turned her head away, with her arms crossed over her breasts, kinda hunched up. I thought good on you, girl, and expected to see him change his approach and I guess he did, in a way. The guy – what can I say? He lets out this big sigh, like he’s given up, then just laid into her, and she didn’t seem to see it coming. One moment she’s making that angry face, the next he’s got her by the neck and under her knees and thrown her across the room. There was good thick carpet on the floor but let me tell you, he dumped Emma’s naked ass down so hard the trailer shook. She just lay there a moment, like she was winded, cause he’s smashed her straight down on the deck real hard, wham, it was like a move from WWF, you know, only this was Em ma Watson, or if you like, Hermione Granger, completely naked, belly twitching and her sweet little thighs waving around, wide open as she tried to get her breath back.

    I thought, surely, he’ll quit the beating now, he’ll do it now … well, sure, I guess it was obvious, he was gonna fuck her, when she showed she was ready. I gotta say, she looked ready at that point, out of it and wide open, know what I mean?

    But when he leaned over her and finally ripped that damn pink top off over her head, she came back to life damn quick and bit him on the wrist. He shouted something I didn’t get and grabbed her by the hair, real tight, right down by the scalp so she couldn’t move her upper half much, then he pulled her up so hard I thought he’d rip her hair right out and dragged her backwards to a little shiny table… would it be rosewood? Kinda red and solid-looking? Anyhow, Emma’s buttocks hit the top of this shiny table with a slap and she kinda skidded until she was lying with her legs dangling over one edge and her neck on the other edge, with the guy dragging her head down by the hair, so she was forced to arch her back to stop from getting her neck broken.

    The guy was breathing hard like after a big workout, I wouldn’t say he was fit, not the way his hairy belly was hanging over his waistband. He just stood there drawing in lungfuls of air while he stooped over the table, using that big handful of Emma’s shiny brown hair to keep her head and upper body immobilized, while she looked up at him, with her face kinda stretched because of him yanking so hard on her hair, and calling him names some of which I’d never heard myself. And OK, I’ll admit it, it was a turn-on, seeing her still angry like that, calling this guy a fucking bastard, vicious sod, saying what would happen when the law caught up with him, and so on, but seeing her helpless too, cos of course she could kick her legs around as much as she wanted, but it didn’t do her any good, he just leaned on that handful of her lovely hair and Emma’s pretty head had to follow it down, her neck too and then her …her… c’mon guys, help me here ..

    GCS: Thorax? Rib-cage?

    Yeah, that’s the one, so you could count every little rib, and the skin was so taut you could see it quivering and shaking over her heart. Well, what with the bite on his wrist … I could see the teeth marks … and the way she was abusing him, I knew this guy had something bad planned for her. He was feeling in his pants pocket with his free hand, then came out with what like a double-sized ball-point pen. I wondered what the hell he had in mind, looked like he was going to draw on her naked body. Then he flicked his wrist, keeping his hand down out of Emma’s line of sight, and I saw the thing lengthen to about twelve inch, like an aerial would, but more stiff. He gave it a twist and there was a click like it had locked. It was black, plastic-looking, ‘cept there was a kinda shiny metal point on the tip and a ring of the same stuff just below that. Reminded me of something, I guess because of the Hermione connection, made me think of a magic wand.

    Well, the guy had the same idea cos he raised this thing slowly and held it over the tip of Emma Watson’s snub nose and said, far as I remember, ‘Hermione, see, you’d better be careful now, you’d better be a good girl now, I have my wand,’ in that weird high voice.’ Well, Emma had gone cross-eyed while she tried to focus on this thing, but when he said ‘wand’, it was like it was magic, cause she stopped wriggling and went dead still, staring at the end of this black wand thing like she was hypnotized by it.

    The guy shifted around more to the side of the table but keeping a good grip on Emma’s hair. You could see her straining to follow what he was doing with the wand, only with her head held down and her chest stuck out, she couldn’t very well. You could see the guy making sure of his grip on Emma’s hair, and kinda making like he was gonna take a shot at something. Emma started making little whiny noises, you know, like a puppy when it wants to go outside and I suddenly realized that she wasn’t mad any more, just scared stiff. I got that feeling again that I shouldn’t be seeing this. I should have been out of there long before, or stopped it, but I didn’t have what it took to do anything except just watch through those curtains.

    The foreign guy looked Emma’s body up and down and said, like talking to himself, ‘What kind of spell shall we use? Number one, two or thee?’ Emma says, ‘No you don’t, you shit, don’t even think about it,’ in this real husky voice cause her throat’s all tight where he’s bending her neck over the end of the table, but he just ignored her and did something with his thumb at the base of this black thing and said, ‘Let’s try spell number one.’ When he thumbed the wand you could hear a tiny high-pitched sound start and go up, like when a flash-gun’s re-charging. ‘Now then,’ said the guy, ‘Hermione Granger, you stuck-up little English bitch, time you learn some manners,’ and he waves this black wand thing around over her belly, down where she can’t see, and all she can do is put her hands down there to keep off whatever he’s got planned.

    Well, this bastard just waits for his opportunity, then kind of strikes a dramatic pose, shouts ‘Electroshockius!’ and shoves the end of the black wand, where the sharp metal tip is, hard and deep into Emma Watson’s belly button. There was a blue-white flash, a snap, a fizzle and a little puff of smoke or steam all from where the point of the wand went in and Emma desperately squeals ‘Oh, oh, oh!’ draws her knees up, and turns her belly away, which nearly pulled the wand out of the guy’s hand, but he whipped it out of her belly-button in time.

    Emma’s still got her eyes screwed up tight and she’s got the fingers of both hands pressed hard into her belly-button, so she doesn’t see the guy thumb the wand again: ‘Spell 2!’ he shouts, ‘Tittius Incendo!’ and before she can react, he leans across her and jabs the tip of the wand hard into her breast, into one pink-brown nipple just beside the actual teat. This time there’s no flash cos I guess the charge went deep into the breast tissue and no crackle or fizz, just a steady buzzing, which gradually merged with another sound, which was coming via Emma’s throat from deep deep down in her belly and you wouldn’t think that Emma Watson could make a noise like that. I mean dammit, it’s only a year or two since those first cute pictures of her perched on the arm of a chair, showing off her shapely little thighs like there was no such thing as sex. Now she moaned and yowled like a tortured cat, flapping uselessly at the guy with her hands, wriggling and kicking her legs, her brow n eyes one moment rolling back so far in her head they looked all white, the next staring big and round like she was looking into Hell. The surface of the table was getting damp with her sweat, and every time she lifted her bum and dropped it there was a wet slap – but no words, just Emma’s feet thudding, her ass slapping and these animal noises, coming out of her wide open mouth, while the guy calmly keeps the wand pressed into Emma’s breast, watching her face, looking up and down her body.

    Suddenly he pulled the black twelve-inch wand with its metal tip out of the deep dent it was making in Emma’s nipple, which made her cry out even louder for some reason. The skin around the nipple had gone pink and there were other pink blotches on her breast too, I’d say the charge from this wand, whatever it was, had gotten pretty far into her tit, but the guy’s looking from the wand to Emma’s reddening breast as if he’s disappointed about something. Did I say – at some point the guy had got his pr … his penis out again and it was nodding around, erect, dribbling a bit, and he does something real strange, he got the end of his penis, all wet with the stuff oozing out of it, and smeared it on Emma’s other nipple, the one he hadn’t touched yet. She’s still snivelling and rubbing her hurt breast and doesn’t seem to notice. He says, and I can remember it word for word, it was so weird, like he was acting in one of the movies:

    ‘Hermione Granger, you ugly little snob, I am having to put Alfonso’s Magic Wand Magnifying Fluid onto your tiny shrivelled little tit just so you get the full benefit of your punishment. You should be ashamed of yourself – five points from Griffindor!’

    And he shoved the point of the wand, which had been whining away, re-charging I guess, straight down onto Emma’s nipple, the one wet with his stuff.

    GCS : Into her milk duct?

    Her…um … well, it was straight down.

    GCS : ‘Then it was the milk-duct. Carry on

    This time, when the wand touched her nipple, there was a flash and a little puff of smoke or something like I’d seen first time off of her belly-button and the guy was leaning on her, all red in the face, kinda growling or grunting and he was bearing down on the wand like he wanted to ram it right through her chest and into the table. I thought Emma had gone crazy before, but this time the pain must have been far worse. She wriggled and twisted so much, she nearly threw him off, and the screams – say, didn’t you hear something? You musta heard something.

    GCS: inaudible

    Well, I guess with the insulation … still

    Anyways, she actually gets her hand around the wand this time, and there’s a moment when they’re fighting over it, this big guy half lying on that little girl, hunching his shoulder like he’s driving a screw home with a power tool, and her, with her sweaty little hands, shrieking real loud like a grown woman ‘No, no, no’ and straining her slender arms to get that electric wand out of her tit, only because of her position, still held down with her head and shoulders over the edge of the table, she couldn’t get much of a grip on it. Then I see the guy flash a glance down below

    (GCs : At her genitals.

    Yeah, at her private parts, only not so private to me at that time. See, her genitals, as you say, were at my end of the table, with the guy working on her tits at the other end. You get the picture? When I think what guys I know would give to see just a flash of Emma’s fanny, and there I was watching her pump her hips, arch her back, squeeze her thighs together then jerk them open real wide, trying to get enough grip with her feet to take the strain off her neck, and all the time her cunt opening and closing like it was trying to say something to me. I swear I could smell her sweet scent, coming right out of her wet crack.

    GCS : Miss Watson’s vagina was lubricating?

    Hey, hold on, I didn’t say that. It just looked …wet, is all. Anyways, that glance said to me that the guy’s thinking about humping her.

    So I’m not surprised to see him straighten up and take the wand off her tit. He just slides the wand out of Emma’s hands, real easy, and I think it’s because of all the sweat but then I see the end of the wand and its red. And he bends down close over Emma’s nipple and pinches it, so she whines and slaps at him, but without much force now. And out of Emma’s nipple comes a big fat drop of stuff, pink, like it was blood and something else. He takes this stuff off on his finger and holds it right above her eyes and says: ‘See, mud-blood, milked from Hermione Granger’s dirty common little nipples.’ She says ‘Pig,’ and turns her head away but you get the feeling the fight’s going out of her.

    She was lying flat on the table now, legs just sprawled anywhere and dangling over the end, arms limp and hanging down over the sides. Both her nipples had a pink angry-looking patch around them and there were streaks of deeper red radiating out from the nipple which had been pricked with the wand. Her hair, what the guy wasn’t holding bunched in his hand, was all sweaty and sticking to her face and shoulders and she’d been crying so much her eyes were red and puffy-looking. I tell you, next time I see Emma Watson at some classy event, all neat and smiling, I’m gonna be remembering her stretched out naked, bruised and sweating like that.

    You could see she’d made the guy mad again, calling him ‘pig’, and he shifts around the end of the table so he’s looking right down on her and he puts more of his weight down on that bunch of her brown hair so that I thought he would break her neck against the table-edge. She cries out, ‘No, Alfie, no!’ real urgent, which surprised me cause it sounded like she knew the guy, but I guessed she’d seen the look in his eye and was trying to calm him down. If she was, it didn’t work. He leaned even harder and said, ‘What am I? What am I, Miss Granger?’ in this crazy high-pitched voice, and I nearly ran in there I was so sure he was going to kill her.

    Emma’s eyes were bulging and her neck and back were at a crazy angle. She’d brought her knees right up as far as she could to take the strain off and her thighs were flopping apart, her vagina so wide open you could see right inside it about three inches and above it her clit was sticking right out.

    GCS: Then Miss Watson’s clitoral hood was retracted?

    Yeah, I guess.

    GCS: What was the state of Miss Watson’s vulva and labia?

    The state!

    GCS: Would you say Miss Watson’s genitals were showing signs of arousal?

    They were pink and kinda swelled up, so yeah, I guess, but at the time I thought it was some kind of nervous reaction, cause he was damn near breaking her neck on that table edge. When she finally burst out with ‘Pig! You’re a pig!’ I was sure that would do it, would get her killed, but he just smiles and lets go her hair, and she could lie flat again, with both hands rubbing her neck, still somehow feisty and in charge of the situation. And I thought, I love you Emma Watson, what a girl!

    The guy smiled down at her like he felt the same thing and then still smiling he came around the foot of the table, and I drew back because this put him real close to me. With his back to me he said, ‘Time for spell number three for wilful Miss Granger!’ then before she could react or protect herself shouted ‘Electroshockius Inthecuntius!’ and thrust the twelve inch black wand, which must have been charging up all this time, deep into Emma Watson’s wide open vagina.

    This musta been some kind of top setting for the wand, cos I swear that for a split second the flash lit up that kid’s groin from the inside, turning it pink and glowing, half-transparent like lightning behind a cloud. The pink flash was accompanied by a sound like eggs frying and Emma lets out a kind of roaring scream and she drops her legs and pushes herself up on her feet with her legs doubled under her and her stomach and hips sticking right up, so’s her head, elbows and feet’re the only things touching the table. Her belly, pelvis and thighs are so clenched they’re vibrating and then just the top of her head was resting on the table, she’s arched back so far that she’s taking her weight on her head, and, I mean, that girl must’ve been feeling pain like you couldn’t imagine.

    The seconds go by and the guy’s still easing the wand further up that young cunt, feeling around with the sharp metal tip inside her, one of his big bony hands pressed into the soft skin and fine hairs on her lower belly, just above where the glossy brown pubic hairs ended. It’s like he’s looking for something with both hands, pressing and probing from the outside with those long splayed-out fingers, while his other hand kept that sharp metal-capped black wand-thing butting and exploring deep into her sex. When Emma let out an extra loud squeal, he mutters to himself, ‘Hmm, there? I wonder… no, perhaps, a little further up? Hold still now…,’ like a doctor, except most doctors don’t do internal examinations with their erect pricks sticking out of their pants, which his was.

    Mind you, I’m not saying I was in any different condition. I’m behind that curtain, shaking like a leaf, with what I don’t know, saying under my breath, ‘I don’t believe this, I don’t believe this,’ but shifting around at the same time to get a better view. I mean, the guy had reduced Emma Watson, cool, funny and professional ‘one-take’ Emma Watson, to this bucking, sweating, squealing animal controlled by an electric prod in its vent and I guess I just had to see. It wasn’t what I’d come for, but I just had to watch, and anyway, I guessed that the end couldn’t be far off, so why leave now?

    Suddenly he says ‘Ah!’ real pleased with himself and I could see his fingers freeze on Emma’s belly and dig in, right to the first joint. At the same moment two other things happened: another pink flash lit up Emma’s sex organs from the inside, but further up this time, right under where the guy had his fingers digging in to her soft white belly, the other was that Emma started screeching, ‘No, no, no, no!’ over and over and a stream of piss shot out from her and soaked the foreign guy’s shirt and all the while there’s this sputtering, frying noise and a smell, like something cooking coming out of Emma Watson’s gaping cunt, which is actually steaming or smoking, I don’t know which.

    ‘Oh dear,’ says the guy, in that weird high voice again, ‘Oh dear, oh dear, Hermione, you dirty little girl, you dirty arrogant little English slut, look what you’ve done now.’

    As I say, I’d moved around, moving the curtains with me, taking a bit of a chance, though the guy was so concentrated on his job it wasn’t much of one. So I got a clear view as he pulled the wand out of Emma’s swollen wet slit, trailing a long string of her juices with it, gave the wand a twist, shortened it again, and put it in his pocket. When Emma felt the black wand leave her body, she flopped down all at once with a wet thud on the polished table-top, then half sat up and reached for her enflamed cunt, sobbing like a baby. I tell you, she didn’t have that angry look on any more, her mouth was wide open, like it is sometimes in publicity shots, but turned down at the corners and her lower lip was wobbling and there’s tears pouring out of her eyes. She pulled her knees right up, curled herself right up, on her back, with her two hands cupped over her vagina, and rocked back and forth, moaning and sobbing.

    Meanwhile the guy’s shrugged his blue denim shirt off his fat hairy shoulders and taken off his shoes, socks and pants, pulling the black leather belt right out of the pants and kept hold of it, which I thought was strange. Then he stepped out of his shorts and stood there, with his prick sticking out stiffly from his crotch, all the veins standing out, the end bobbing to his pulse. No, I thought, this won’t go on much longer.

    ‘What a naughty girl you are, Hermione,’ he said, ‘You obviously haven’t done your homework, you haven’t learned anything. Don’t you even know that urinating on a TEACHER while he’s using a magic wand is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN?

    And when he said the words ‘teacher’, ‘strictly’ and ‘forbidden’, he lashed out with the leather belt, one-two-three, forehand, backhand and forehand again, not with the buckle though, just the pointed leather end. Emma, who was still snivelling and holding herself between the legs just didn’t see it coming. The first blow caught her on the shoulder and the second on the left side of her chest, which made her lose her grip on her cunt and she straightened out just in time for the third big forehand – Whack! Right on one of her stiffened little tits.

    (GCS : ‘So Miss Watson’s nipples were erect?’)

    Um… they were all shrivelled up, like raisins, yeah, I guess you could say they were erect, but isn’t that what happens when someone’s about to bring a heavy leather belt down on your tits?

    (GCS , mostly inaudible)

    Well, how about that? So beating makes muscles relax? And nipples are made of muscle? Say, who are you guys? You’re not regular cops, right? Right? OK, OK, call me a liar, I just know what I saw, Emma’s little teats were standing up as hard as you like. Yeah, I know, you have to be sure for the prosecution, you told me.

    Well, the guy belts her a few more times till she’s squealing and whimpering again and I can tell that he’s aiming for her crotch, trying to get the belt between her legs, but she’s wise to this and has got her hands firmly clamped down there and her legs pressed tight together. He kept lashing away with the belt and she was wriggling back and forth to get away from the beating until suddenly she rolls right off the table and onto the floor. Quick as anything she gets to her feet and makes a run for it, but he blocks her off from the curtains – and these are the curtains, remember, where I’m watching Emma Watson stripped naked and getting beaten up, tortured and whipped on the tits and ass by some Euro-trash sadist, and doing nothing about it, and knowing the moment I did something about it, I was in deep .. well, you know what I mean. So I stayed where I was, couldn’t think what else to do. It was like I was hypnotised or something.

    You know what, it was almost funny – dammit, it was funny, cause the big guy was so unfit that once Emma was off that table, he couldn’t catch her again, laying about him with that belt, he couldn’t get her, she was too quick. But he made sure she couldn’t get out either and they were both soon panting and sweating, although I’d say he was worse off, if you can believe it.

    Then suddenly he raised his arm to slash at her backside with the belt, Emma’s ducked under it and heads straight for the curtains. There’s no time for me to react and wham, she runs straight into me, bounces off and falls on her backside on the floor.

    ‘What the fuck?’ she says, looking up at me standing in the gap in the curtains, ‘Alfie, who the fuck is this?’

    It would be an understatement to say I was shocked. What the hell was going on? Why wasn’t she falling into my arms and thanking me for rescuing her? I just stood there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open, speechless.

    Meanwhile the foreign guy has gotten one leg into his pants only he’s pulling them on back-to-front, and he’s saying frantically, ‘I don’t know who he is, I don’t know who he is, I don’t know who he is.’ Then the words which sent a chill down my spine: ‘I’ll call security.’

    ‘No!’ said Emma, very loud and clear in her Brit accent (and she’s sitting there on the carpet in front of me with her breasts covered in pink marks and her vagina all swollen and still oozing) ‘No, Alfie, I don’t think we’ll do that.’

    When the guy protested she just said, ‘Shut up!’ and he did,

    ‘How long have you been there?’ said Emma to me, ‘No, don’t answer that, I can see how long you’ve been there,’ and she dropped her eyes to my crotch. ‘Alfie,’ she says without looking at him, ‘take your trousers off. You,’ she says to me, ‘strip!’ And she jumps to her feet, walks away from me with her little bottom swaying gorgeously from side to side and goes and sits on the table. ‘I said strip,’ she says, ‘unless you want me to call the police – I mean the real police, not the security men, they’re a joke..’ – I’m sorry guys, that’s what she said… um … I’m sure it’s not true.

    Anyway, feeling way out of my depth, I stripped off and stood there feeling real exposed – I was there in a trailer with a naked little girl and she was making me feel vulnerable. What the hell was going on? If I was feeling confused up to that point, I thought I must be hallucinating when Emma lay back on the table and opened her legs.

    ‘Look guys,’ Emma said, ‘it’s getting late and I want a fuck, NOW!’ The foreign guy and I looked at each other, me with a look that said ‘Is this happening?’ and him with an answering look that said ‘Yup’ but he didn’t look too happy about it.

    ‘One of you’s got to hold my wrists,’ Emma said, suddenly sounding like a little girl again. ‘No, not you,’ she said to me, ‘Alfie can hold my wrists, for being such a shit – you nearly snapped my neck, clumsy idiot!’ And the guy shuffled over, mumbling an apology, and grabbed her by the wrists, but not like he meant it. ‘Do it properly,’ she commanded, and he tightened his grip convulsively. He was really well-trained, I could see that. Emma wriggled her backside so it was right on the edge of the table then she drew her legs up and held them apart with her feet braced either side.

    ‘You,’ she said, looking at me over her wide open cunt, ‘whatever your name is, come over here and fuck me. That’s what you want, isn’t it?’

    I walked over and stood between her raised legs, not quite touching the soft white skin of her spread buttocks and thighs. The sweet scent of her sex was just rolling off her and my penis jumped to attention. My mouth had gone dry and my whole body was shaking. ‘Yes,’ I croaked. ‘Emma, I love you,’ I wanted to say, but the words wouldn’t come out. ‘Do it,’ she said, lifting her buttocks obscenely so her slit gaped wider, ‘fuck me, rape me, you American pervert.’

    I glanced up at the guy at the other end of the table. He was holding her wrists and looking bored. Our eyes met and I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

    Shortly after, as I came inside Emma’s dewy, tight, scented little quim, I felt a wonderful sense of release; not just because of the scalding gobs of semen which had finally been shot from my joyful prick into Emma Watson’s warm welcoming insides, relieving the painful pressure of my distended balls; not just because, having discovered that Emma Watson was a rampantly sexual young woman with a taste for masochistic fantasies, I could not tell myself that I was in love with her any more – no, as my life energies spent themselves right up in that leaping white belly, familiar from so many downloaded photographs, I knew that I had reached the end of this story.

    #64 | Comment by True Story — April 1, 2006 @ 2:47 am

  65. good that is photoshoped u can tell by the wrist thank god u didnt do this to me emma i love u still i will be at your b day at april 15 ok

    your x

    #65 | Comment by emma lover — April 1, 2006 @ 4:33 pm

  66. Good call #48. Nice work.

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  67. What’s she drinking?

    #67 | Comment by Carol — April 6, 2006 @ 2:38 am

  68. even her ugly pics.. look fucking hot! :p i’d hit that 365 times a year..!

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  69. emma you are my role model. i was very disaponted.you are still my role model.everyone makes mistakes.i hope you will read this.

    #69 | Comment by hermione — April 12, 2006 @ 9:01 am

  70. Shes lied to me.NOOOOOOOOOOO thats rubbish!!!!!

    #70 | Comment by EmmasBF — April 14, 2006 @ 6:11 am

  71. wish i did be ur B-Day gift

    #71 | Comment by Giridhar — April 14, 2006 @ 9:26 pm

  72. “That has photoshop written all over it.”

    You hit the mark. That’s what i think too.

    #72 | Comment by Brian — April 15, 2006 @ 1:06 am

  73. omg oh well i still love her!

    #73 | Comment by rhea — April 15, 2006 @ 11:35 pm

  74. hshe is hot, any more pics? does anyone know how to get the the archivs of the celeb? email me at anson_69er@hotmail.com

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  75. This hasn’t been photoshoped!!!

    I’ve seen a few other pics from that night where Emma was drinking!

    #75 | Comment by Hannah — November 24, 2006 @ 9:13 am

  76. that bottle is going to be my COCK someday but deep into her throat

    #76 | Comment by POKIRI — November 25, 2006 @ 10:43 am

  77. all u lot wont believe me if i say she is already fucked by me………
    im one of the guys acting in ORDER OF PHOENIX
    I’ve fucked her in the set . i am one of the slytherins u know well
    u may think i am a fraud but i give u a proof that——–


    U can mail me at– neopokiri@yahoo.com
    the description of emma in #64 is wrong :-she has milkish brown nipples

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  78. She looks hot but you never see any good pictures of her breasts

    #78 | Comment by Lozoot — November 26, 2006 @ 10:47 am

  79. Actually its not illegal to drink at fourteen(Emma’s age in photo, thats why she doesn’t have braces) in England, but only if a parent or guardian buys it for you, so she not drinking under age, plus she rarely drinks only occasionally with friends, and the most she has is like 2, which isn’t bad, and if you think about it alcohol isn’t bad, the bad part is how much you consume.

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  80. hi

    emma waston i love you emma waston

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  82. i don’t care if she drinks or not she’s damn hott and that’s all that matters….

    #82 | Comment by mattman — July 6, 2007 @ 10:17 am

  83. SO FAKE…
    Look next 2 her hand, THERES HER DRINK.
    and who puts drink on their teeth b4 drinkin?

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  85. Obviously photo shoped, if she was really drinking she wouldnt hold it by the neck

    #85 | Comment by DannyD — July 18, 2007 @ 7:15 pm

  86. Can you put some porn on the internet

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  87. u all r a bunch of fuckin retards

    sittin here sayin its a fake just cuz shes only 15 or sum shit, in england u can drink at any age really but the perferd age is 14 and above

    and its not a fake cuz she talk bout it all the fuckin time

    o and 34, u r a fag u kno that, only a fag wud say sumtin like that, just cuz u were a under age future slut doesnt mean everyone else is

    #87 | Comment by patrick — January 30, 2008 @ 1:02 am

  88. 87 – Are you a typical Brit, dude? I fucking hope not… I’d really hate to think that an entire country are as illiterate as you. Here’s a tip – stay in school… or at the very least, stay awake in class.

    #88 | Comment by JRC — January 30, 2008 @ 2:52 am

  89. This site is weird.


    #89 | Comment by Alex — November 4, 2008 @ 11:08 pm

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