Ms Cici and me. And Libby Hoeler.

(\__/) r0ar

MSSNOG: ok thats
MSSNOG: homosexual
MSSNOG: you win the homo award
MSSNOG: at homo camp
MSSNOG: congratulations

That aside, i forgot to explain why the site was gone for two months.

Blame libby hoeler. And ze Germans.

See, this really popular German webmagazine wrote this article about Libby Hoeler right before BIAGW got suspended. That really popular German webmagazine apparently has a reader base of like 700000 visitors per day or something. Anyhow, a whole shitload of germans started hitting up that day searching for libby which resulted in over 30000+ hits in one day to the Libby page alone (which weighs in at over 250k worth of html because of all the comments that’ve been left on there…over 300 comments i think..). So yeah, 30000+ hits to a 250k page on a site that already eats up an average of about 50 gigs a month in bandwidth… well you already know what happened as a result.

So yeah, i guess that was the primary cause of the raping of the bandwidth. And now you know. The end.

19 thoughts on “Ms Cici and me. And Libby Hoeler.

  1. *whew*

    I thought you might have died from SARS!

    what a relief.

    well actully I knew you didn’t die; I talked to you like 2 days ago.

    #1 | Comment by susan — July 20, 2003 @ 11:05 pm

  2. Thank you for the email…..glad to know the site is back

    #2 | Comment by EverSnow — July 21, 2003 @ 1:23 am

  3. gay.

    What’s to keep you from blowin’ your bollocks off every time you sit down?

    #3 | Comment by Zac — July 21, 2003 @ 3:24 am

  4. welcome back justin

    #4 | Comment by liz — July 21, 2003 @ 5:30 am

  5. You truly make the Kingolf look straight Justin. Keep on gayin’ it up my sista. WORD.

    #5 | Comment by Bubba — July 21, 2003 @ 8:31 am

  6. Now all of the Fubar girls will no longer have to answer the ineveitable ‘where did FUBAR go??!’ questions. ^_^

    #6 | Comment by Dave — July 21, 2003 @ 8:40 am

  7. welcome back justin.

    speaking of kingolf, i am surprised he hasn’t found this yet…

    #7 | Comment by gabdabary — July 21, 2003 @ 10:43 am

  8. He knows it exists… he read Justin’s live journal, and the J-Man posted the url for this site, so he’ll find it eventually…

    #8 | Comment by PacManJesus — July 21, 2003 @ 11:03 am

  9. actually i think he already knows. he plugged the url in his latest LJ entry. lalala.

    #9 | Comment by Justin — July 21, 2003 @ 12:22 pm

  10. yay, just in back! *orgasm*

    #10 | Comment by Amy — July 21, 2003 @ 12:46 pm

  11. Woo, glad you’re back. Cheers for the email.

    #11 | Comment by Jacob — July 21, 2003 @ 3:07 pm

  12. Waaa?

    I posted twice in the forums and once in the comments section of the first post.

    "That aside, i forgot to explain why the site was gone for two months.

    Blame libby hoeler. And ze Germans."

    Yeah, it’s just not the same without Eve.

    #12 | Comment by Kingolf — July 21, 2003 @ 6:07 pm

  13. i miss eve =(

    #13 | Comment by Justin — July 21, 2003 @ 6:52 pm

  14. Yeah, me too…..and Thess….we need her back too.:(

    #14 | Comment by grud — July 22, 2003 @ 2:50 am

  15. screw all the welcome back…where’s porn? Bangbus passwords?


    #15 | Comment by smash — July 22, 2003 @ 4:38 am

  16. My favorite quote from the BabelFish translation of the article:

    "It lived in the student hostel, it had a friend, it liked parties. A dark-blond girl, prettily, nice figure. No Modeltyp and no schoenheitskoenigin, a completely normal dte rodent evenly."

    I swear, I am not making this up.

    #16 | Comment by Umgawa — July 23, 2003 @ 12:17 pm

  17. Hey Justin,
    It’s great to have this site up again.. It feels as if something is missing without your daily blog to read..

    #17 | Comment by Sui Lin — July 23, 2003 @ 12:20 pm

  18. Oh, and I forgot this part. Having read the letter from the lawyer that the article talks about, I think the latter is probably correct:

    "… and as a law office tried to prevent the spreading of Libby videos in the net brought that the detectives only on still more traces. Because in the kanzlei a woman works named Hoeler – the aunt perhaps? Or the nut/mother?"

    Yeah, I think that mother was nuts. Or whoever it was sending that email.

    #18 | Comment by Umgawa — July 23, 2003 @ 12:20 pm

  19. for some reason i’ve been getting tons of hits to my site for people looking for "libby hoeler" and "justin fubar". glad you’re back now so i can point those "justin fubar" people somewhere.

    #19 | Comment by Miss Shigatsu — July 27, 2003 @ 6:01 am

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