PC’s suck

zzombielunch: i cant believe the amount of fucking adware spyware and trojan progs on my “good” computer rendering it crippled. i am so fucking angry rite now i just mite bust a nut.
psykotik2k: get rid of them
zzombielunch: ooo how i try, but they’re encoded deep, i have to deregister the .dll files in dos
zzombielunch: and even that isn’t working.
psykotik2k: reformat!
zzombielunch: *cries*
psykotik2k: see, this is why macs rule. macs dont get viruses and trojans and spyware and shit.
psykotik2k: switch! think different!

Macs are so punk

update by host:

But pottedmeat’s Powerbook is so much sweeter

update by me:

Avril’s Powerbook is MUCH better. Just like mine! Damn we’re so punk.

25 thoughts on “PC’s suck

  1. I’ve use both, Mac’s and PC’s, extensively. I code on my PC. I draw on my Mac. The only people that like PCs are those that haven’t ever used a Mac.

    I know, I used to be one of them.

    #1 | Comment by sexcrazedweasel — December 10, 2003 @ 1:13 am

  2. Don’t use IE.
    Get Mozilla

    #2 | Comment by panic — December 10, 2003 @ 1:32 am

  3. On my university some computers are macs… I DESPISE MACS!!! they are so slow and annoying with the different format and sheet!

    #3 | Comment by WP — December 10, 2003 @ 1:59 am

  4. on the contrary, I use a mac all the time for final cut pro. The system is for babies. Powerful? I think not.

    #4 | Comment by radish01001 — December 10, 2003 @ 2:02 am

  5. Download Lavasoft Adaware Version 6.0 and get the updated file. THen run that program and it will locate and eliminate all spyware, WARNING, this will kill programs like KaZaa and other stupid shit like bonzi buddy and Gator.

    SO if your an idiot and like Gator, then piss off and enjoy your slow ass mofo computer.

    PS. Start using a different internet browser, such as Opera 7.21, and a different email software other that Outlook Express, such as Eudora. The crackers dont write viruses and popup install ads for those yet, and you will be able to avoid it.

    Also if you are a die hard IE fan, get the Google toolbar with pop up blocker, it seems to be working pretty well on my roomates computers.

    IF you have the time for it, switch to Linux and help keep the revolution of OpenSourse going strong.

    #5 | Comment by hippie69 — December 10, 2003 @ 2:41 am

  6. macs are so……….canadian.

    #6 | Comment by scentless — December 10, 2003 @ 2:42 am

  7. –echo–
    IF you have the time for it, switch to Linux and help keep the revolution of OpenSourse going strong.


    #7 | Comment by Stink — December 10, 2003 @ 2:53 am

  8. except *source

    #8 | Comment by Stink — December 10, 2003 @ 2:53 am

  9. I’m gonna tell you all exactly what I’ve been told, and all this secures a computer VERY well.
    Install, update and run **ALL OF** the following:

    Spybot Search & Destroy


    Spyware Blaster


    Go to Sponge’s spyware page http://www.geocities.com/yosponge/ and read up on what he has to say. The reason I instruct people to download and use ALL of those programs is that they are intended for specific purposes. While some of them overlap somewhat, the fact is that none of them is designed to be a cure-all. Reading Sponge’s page will give you a better idea of what you’re up against, and some good instructions on what to do to keep your machine clean.

    #9 | Comment by RobertBruce — December 10, 2003 @ 3:07 am

  10. Fuck that! I don’t even have Norton…slows me down. I just wanna play games, and play games I shall.


    Del Taco rules so much ass. It’s no little wetback place, but good nonetheless. Hm, what the fuck?

    #10 | Comment by Bubba — December 10, 2003 @ 3:53 am

  11. Okay, I missed last Saturdays SNL so I just downloaded it, and my, is Paris a bad actress. She was reading her Q Card (Its written with the letter Q, isnt it?)like a dyslexic 12 year old Bolivian goat herder. (Okay, that was offensive, but most likely if you fit that criteria, I doubt you will be reading this so I will not likely get my ass stomped in.)

    This isnt to say she isnt attractive or intelligent, just not to world’s greatest thespian. One glaring issue I have with her is she approaches everything as if it were a photo shoot, posing and prancing around with a terribly forced smile which is all too apparent. I mean, I am aware that she is a model, but I think that their is a time and a place, not just any moment a camera is on her. I mean, its almost as though she is parodying something. Now that I think about it, it sort of reminds me of that song from the early ninties "Vogue" which pretty much consisted of doing model like poses for anyone who doesnt remember.

    Ill limit myself to commenting about her famed, or rather infamous, video which as Fallon mentioned has been all over the place and there is very little left to say that couldnt be considered mean spirited or malicious. So saying things like "She deserved it for being a self centered, pretentious, frivolous, anorexic inspiring, show off capitalist bitch" will only lead to some sort of video of me doing something terribly embarrassing and people commenting on how I deserve it because I am a pseudo-intellectual, faux-artist, Communist, make up wearing, cowardly, awfully bitter pretentious bitch…

    Well err… ummm… this is a pretty long comment about nothing, isnt it?

    #11 | Comment by Guizhang — December 10, 2003 @ 5:12 am

  12. http://www.mit.edu/~mikeho/media/mac.mpg
    (yea, it’s that ‘Crash Different’ video)

    I don’t hate macs, not any more than I hate PCs. I’ve actually been working on them a lot lately for my classes. I think its more that, as much as I need computers, they’re still evil.

    #12 | Comment by jeff — December 10, 2003 @ 5:17 am

  13. Don’t kid yourself Guiz…Paris is neither intelligent or attractive.

    #13 | Comment by bligityblah — December 10, 2003 @ 5:24 am

  14. Well to some she would certainly be considerd attractive, altough I personally dont. And as far as her intelligence goes, I dont think it would fair to her considering I’ve never actually spoken to her and considering the amount of money she was raised on, im guessing she had a relatively good education, at least compared to most of us.

    Karma… aint it something?

    #14 | Comment by Guizhang — December 10, 2003 @ 5:33 am

  15. I use PCs (and subsequently Windows) only because the software support is there. Macs are pretty good, but they just don’t have the games that Windows does.

    #15 | Comment by zant — December 10, 2003 @ 7:10 am

  16. rivers from weezer uses a mac!

    #16 | Comment by stacia — December 10, 2003 @ 7:29 am

  17. i dont use ie, i use mozilla.

    i dont use outlook express either.

    i was hit with the commonname assfuck when my idiot friend dled imesh. i hate him. and now little miss commonname is displaying an error message every 30 seconds because it can’t run "babe.dll access denied."

    fucking… mad.

    #17 | Comment by zzombielunch — December 10, 2003 @ 10:25 am

  18. paris hilton’s sexy in a "holy crap! look at that skanky bitch" way.

    in other topic, i have a dual boot pc (debian woody and a demo of windows xp), i use mozilla for surfirng and that gets me rid off the annoying pop-ups. I use kazaalite so i dont have to deal with spyware and if i fancy some triphop i can always rely on soulseek 😉

    if you like mac’s os and you don’t wanna lose your pc you can always try opendarwin for a change, won’t work as fast but hey!, at least it’s got the looks 😉

    personally i like how good it looks windows xp with visual styles and stuff, i know it takes a lot of resources off my so called pc, but so does kde on *nix and dont even start bitching about it =p

    i’ve had a chance of using a g4 about to years ago and i really didnt find it all that great 😉 … so… yeah, i’d fuck paris (or/and nicky) any day of the week =)

    #18 | Comment by vhw — December 10, 2003 @ 10:51 am

  19. dude your posting script fucked my "a href…" tags

    #19 | Comment by vhw — December 10, 2003 @ 10:55 am

  20. because you forgot to put the http:// !


    #20 | Comment by Justin — December 10, 2003 @ 12:11 pm

  21. thank you 😉

    #21 | Comment by vhw — December 10, 2003 @ 12:44 pm

  22. Macs are for fags…

    #22 | Comment by Bubba — December 10, 2003 @ 12:48 pm

  23. I’m one of the feew individuals lucky enough to use both. (I’ve got a Apple B&W G3, a Athlon based PC and a Compaq Armada Laptop.) Needless to say however, I’d trade the Mac+the Laptop for an iBook anyday! Mac laptops > PC laptops.

    #23 | Comment by naj — December 10, 2003 @ 6:11 pm

  24. the problem with amc is that they only make up some stupid low number of computers in north america…like 5 % or something like that, so all of the good programs or new games aren’t compatable. So very lame. But i do admit that Macs are awesome for anything to do with visual editing or video editing. I worked at a video post production firm, and everything was a mac in that place. I have never seen more g4’s in one place in my life, and for video editing/creating visual effects it blew PCs away.

    #24 | Comment by kvl — December 21, 2003 @ 2:02 am

  25. oh yeah, more Avril pics…. she’s a minx.

    #25 | Comment by kvl — December 21, 2003 @ 2:03 am

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