Libby Hoeller Suicide?

From my guestbook:

Fullname: Howard Letterman
Where are you from?: Marksville, PA
Comments: This just in(holy fuck)! I was looking around, and I thought you guys should know that Libby Hoeller has killed herself. According to reports, part of the suicide note she left said “The weight of the world has crushed my spirit. No one can see me for who I am anymore. It’s unbearable that I can no longer continue my life without someone asking me horrible things about myself every second.”


It’s already been disproved in the comments but just in case you need even more confirmation:

Subject: Libby Hoeller Death Disproved
Date:Wed, 04 Aug 2004 14:09:43 -0500

hey justin,

i read your post today about how Libby Hoeller “killed herself.” like most of the other posters, i did not believe this for one second. anyways, i have a subscription to so i decided to go on it and search for Elizabeth Hoeller in WI. The search resulted in what I think is the real Elizabeth M. Hoeller from the videos. Her address is 800 W GLEN RIVER RD; MILWAUKEE, WI 53217. It says she is 21 years old and her birthday is September 18, 1982. The reason I believe that this is her is because the person that sent you the picture of Libby at the bar on her birthday said that he sent you the email a few days after her birthday, and he sent the email on September 23, and said that her birthday is 5 days before he sent the email. So then I decided to do a death search for her, but she was not found as deceased in the multiple databases that it searches. Those databases are updated daily, so I assume that she is alive and doing well. Just wanted to give you an update =:)


2 thoughts on “Libby Hoeller Suicide?

  1. I am a 64 yr old retired Air Force MSgt & wanted to thank you for your time effort and thought that you have put into this. I started computing in May ’04 & stumbled on Libby about 6 mos later (Do You Know that th
    there are WELL OVER a half a BILLION porn sites on the web!) & from time to time I Google her to see what’s new. As I read your page I get the feeling that your biggest fan is Libby. Really, she is world famous & she knows it & I’m sure she Googles herself to see what’s up from time to time. I really think she is a NICE PERSON & from my heart I hope she is living OK. It seems to me that if life has dealt her lemons she has the ability & there are many who would want her lemonade: she sure can dance – around a pole and make a lot of money and fans AND FRIENDS. I went to Coleman Computer College, here in San Diego & one of my classmates was a dancer at one of the local clubs. She was not thought less of for it, in fact she was sort of an admired celebrity. Look at Traci Lords – happily married, well off, and with a nice family (whoda thunk- Mommy Traci?) Again, thanks for your work.

    #1 | Comment by Chuck — August 17, 2008 @ 7:12 am

  2. ^^^

    #2 | Comment by AngelBaby — August 17, 2008 @ 6:09 pm

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