And we’re back

Apologies for the lack of updates. Been pretty busy this past week. With the fall semester of school starting up, the whole Psycho Girl hoopla almost bringing the entire site to a halt and also the recent ‘corporate takeover’ of fubar (PWNED!!!!); things have been a little hectic around here (and in real life too i suppose).

So yeah, if you haven’t already noticed, fubar is now part of the pheaton network of sites. You’ll find some links to some of the other sites under the network near the top of the page. Have a look if you’re into techie stuff and… um… cock fights. Yeah. Should i explain what this all means for the site? I probably should. But i’m too lazy right now so maybe i’ll do a follow up later in the comments or something.

So the Olympics are officially over. I think the best thing to come out of it (in terms of babes at least) is Carly Patterson. What a cutie. We’ve had a couple of Carly Patterson discussions here and it’s funny to read about people who wouldn’t hit it because she’s ‘so young’ and all. And yet, they’d be all about hitting Hilary Duff. WHO IS THE SAME AGE AS CARLY.

Okay there’s probably a few other hot babes to come out of the Olympics but i’ll be damned if know their names. Carly is the only hot one in my eyes. Did anybody see her on Leno the other night? Good God, she is fit.

So Psycho Girl is pretty much the most popular post in the history of this site. At least in terms of comments (and maybe views?). It took well over two years for the Libby Hoeler post to get over 500 comments. It took only a week for Psycho to reach that amount.

Libby still wins in terms of substance though. We still don’t know all that much about Psycho Girl. Aside from the fact that she’s fatal attraction scary. I’m willing to bet that Matt is in VERY deep trouble right now for letting that video get out. Maybe we’ll hear more about this story sometime in the future.

Speaking of which, if you missed out on downloading the vid and the remix or whatever, TOO BAD. I won’t be updating the links anymore so look for some new ones yourself. Besides, you had plenty of time this past week to score a download. And if you’re only just finding out about her, where the hell have you been?? Living under a rock??

Anyhow, for all our Floridian visitors, hope you all make it out alright. What with the impending hurricane Frances about to hit and all.

Except for my cheating ex girlfriend who lives there though. I don’t care what happens to her.

Why am i littering this post with pictures of Elisha Cuthbert? Hell if i know. I don’t even like the girl all that much. She makes my penis sad. I think it’s the butt chin. The Girl Next Door was an alright movie though. Great soundtrack and a very good commentary track on the DVD. Pick it up you haven’t already.

More updates later tonight. Time for me to get ready for class.


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