GOP Convention

Broncos are starting off the 2004 football season against UT-Martin tonight. Saw a whole buncha people heading towards Waldo stadium on the way back from class. So then i see a group of girls up in front of me and this one chick with this huge ass cardboard bullhorn sees me and she shouts into the damn thing saying “ASIANS ARE HOT!” at me. So what do i do? I just fucking smile and continue walking past her.

Now what i wanted to say and SHOULD have said was “WELL SO ARE YOU!” because shit, she was hot and i could’ve probably boned her for all she was worth. I mean, she already thought i was hot, and all i’d have to do was just get to know her more and eventually i would’ve been in that shit yo.


BUT ANYWAY. Tonight’s the last night of the Republican convention. Has anybody been following the proceedings these past coupla nights? I only caught the 2nd and 3rd nights. Arnold’s speech was pretty entertaining. Good speech. But the Bush twins…. BLECH. And the First Lady? zzzzz.

And holy shit did anybody see Zell Miller’s speech? Talking about zinging. I also found it a little funny because of that death stare he had as he was giving his speech. He was out for fucking blood! And Dick Cheney.. well.. he was Dick Cheney i guess. Anyhow, should be interesting to see what Bush has to say tonight. Thoughts and reactions are welcome in the comments if you’d like to say something.

And so… for those of you who don’t give a shit about politics… really now, If any of you had the chance… would you do Jenna Bush? I still can’t decide. I don’t find her hot or anything but hey, for the sake of just doing her anyway, would you? I just have this image in my mind of doing somebody with Jenna’s body and Dubya’s head. She looks a little too much like her dad for me to be able to see her as being hot.

And don’t even get me started on the Kerry daughters!

But i’ll tell you what, Barbara Bush… is definitely hot. She’s got a little Kate Beckinsale thing going on for her don’t you think? I’d hit it.

Less than a half hour away from Dubya’s speech. Time to tune in to FOX news. FAIR AND BALANCED YO!!!!!!!


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