Halo 2 Xbox Live

If you’re getting Halo 2 and you’d like to play against other fubar members sometime, put your gamertags in the comments and add each other.

Mine is: Psykotik 2000

Oh and remember, Halo 2 works a little bit differently on Live. You can either play ranked matchmade games (you’re randomly assigned to play with random maps, random parameters and random people) OR unranked arranged games (somebody sets up a game and invites other people into the game).

So if we have enough people to get a good fubar game going, it’ll have to be an unranked arranged game so that we can invite each other to play. Just FYI if you didn’t already know.

God, i hope the Xbox Live holds up. There’s gonna be well over a million people all around the world playing this game tomorrow.

Halo 2 away!


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