More crapidity

And you know what sucks even more?? The fact that i *may* NOT be able to drop by my ex-school today. Why? Because my dad has to meet up with my uncle to discuss some business type stuff and i *may* not be able to make it to school because it’s pretty out of the way and time isn’t on my side. This is the part where i go: “Nooooooo!!!”. Shit. I kinda promised Jeanne that i’d come on Tuesday (which i didn’t) and then i promised her that i’d come on Wednesday (which i might not be able to do) so this really sucks big time. Ruins my credibility. Blah. And due to this, not only won’t i able to see her and my friends one last-ish time, but i also won’t be able to pick up that photo of Jeanne that she’s gonna give to me which i’ve been pestering her about for the past month or two! This is the part where i go: “Nooooooo!!!” again. Oh well, i guess i’ll just have to improvise somehow….that is *if* i won’t be able to make it to school. Man, why is time so cruel to me? Hmmm….my finger nails are kinda long. I need to trim them. They keep hitting the keys on the keyboard and making annoying clicky sounds. I’m one unkempt mofo i tell you.

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