A Highly Pointless Post.

Sorry for dropping in on your post Zac, but since our pal Justin has dropped off the face of the planet, I’ve decided to contact him using his site… sorry it came down to this. Anyway… read on Justin, and the rest of you onlookers can too because I know you will regardless.

I really like how your new job is 24/7 … haha … yeah anyway I saw you come online for like a minute..then you left…I haven’t been on much cause of moving and I think I’m not gonna be online that much for the next two months, because of moving/school/going back to Cali to visit… I emailed you but since you’re email retarded and didn’t reply, I’m posting this here.

I’ve posted here once before, I rarely do, if you don’t think I should post my personal messages to people via this site please e-mail me and I’ll gladly reply 🙂

Hey, for sitting through that, look I have pics! … which is either pleasure or torture, I’ll take the second, click if you want. Self promotion is hot.

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