Napster, how I love thee…

Stimulating conversation is a great thing. So is fighting like little kids. Here we have both! Thanks for all the notes, I really wasn’t expecting much or anything for that matter. One really valid point was brought up and that is Napster. oh, Napster. I, personally use Limewire, mainly because Napster was dead by the time I stopped actually paying for things. There has been a lot of debate on whether downloading programs are legal or not, and the answer is obvious, of course they aren’t freaking legal. Bands like Metallica complain that it takes away profits that would normally give them the extra cash that they, as uber mega rock icons, need for their 6th houses. It’s no longer about the music, because if it was, then they would just let people enjoy their music.

Metallica is a great example of, not sellouts, but just have a serious tweak in their priorities. This was the band that 15 years ago, told people to come to their shows with tape recorders and spread their music, and now they are pissed off at the fact that people who wouldn’t buy their stuff anyways are getting a few songs off the net! I wouldn’t pay for a lot of the music I download, because it usually isn’t worth it. 15 songs on a CD, 2 are good. I am not paying $18 for that!

Now on the flip side, a few years back I was looking for the theme song to the show “Big Brother” don’t make me explain why, and I thought I had found it. It turned out to be a song by a ska band named Mad Caddies. I fucking loved it! I have bought 4 CD’s and gotten my friends into the band, so more CD purchases. Now what is the problem with this?

Now if you are Madonna (and I really hope you are) you have obvious solution to this. She wanted to stop people form pirating songs from her new CD, so she released a bunch of fake titles, and when you download them all you hear is Madonna saying, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” How friggin awesome is this? Ill tell you what I am doing. I am simply expressing free speech, and that is FREE speech, not Twenty bucks a few good songs and an hour of crap.

It seems all I talk about is music. Sorry for not mentioning any chicks… I stand by my comment…

24 thoughts on “Napster, how I love thee…

  1. Hello AMERICA

    FINALS WEEK IS OVER LETS ALL GET DRUNK NAKED, and download some illegal music!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #1 | Comment by 1st post — May 9, 2003 @ 8:46 am

  2. He does have a good point…

    #2 | Comment by PacManJesus — May 9, 2003 @ 9:04 am

  3. will somebody please think of the children?

    #3 | Comment by mighty kong — May 9, 2003 @ 9:07 am

  4. I like Mad Caddies…good stuff.

    #4 | Comment by Keli — May 9, 2003 @ 9:10 am

  5. I tried finding an MP3 with madonna swearing but all I could find is working mp3’s. Seems she just fcked herself there.

    #5 | Comment by Dionysus187 — May 9, 2003 @ 10:51 am

  6. Forgot to say, kinda hard to make average money as a musician without actually making a specific effort to do so. Seems to be one of the extremes, making about 15-25,000 a year or signing a contract and making millions. Find me a musician with a wife and 2-3 kids and a modest house that has no side jobs and the wife is stay at home without a major record deal and i shall bow down to you.

    #6 | Comment by Dionysus187 — May 9, 2003 @ 11:03 am

  7. downloading music is just one of those things that you do without having any remorse at all.
    I put it right up there with fingering the neighbour’s daughter.
    It’s not something that sparks your conscience.
    It’s just a delicious sin.
    I have only downloaded twenty songs in my life though, and it’s always for a very good reason, like…
    Like do you think I want anyone to come to my house and see a Maxwell CD?
    No way, I have a reputation to preserve.

    #7 | Comment by Discommode — May 9, 2003 @ 11:14 am

  8. Conscience sparked.
    I just checked.
    I have like three or four versions of each song. That’s just sick.

    #8 | Comment by Discommode — May 9, 2003 @ 11:16 am

  9. What pisses me off is when bands like Evanescence decide that they are going to encrypt all their songs so they play these annoying beeps. I only kinda like that one single but I can’t find a non-fucked up copy of it.

    #9 | Comment by Dugas of eenodol — May 9, 2003 @ 12:30 pm

  10. word. what a pain in the ass. i’ve been downloading music for about 5 years now… maybe 6, i’m not sure… i have no guilt about it, if i feel like the artist is worth supporting, (and i’m not broke) i’ll go buy their cd. Else, I agree.. why spend 15 bucks on a cd with maybe 2 good songs on it? seriously. Speaking of Seriously.. Happy trails Man..

    I’m out.

    #10 | Comment by jb — May 9, 2003 @ 2:15 pm

  11. I have bought two cd’s in my entire life… I have allways copied music I prolly was one of the first people who actually had a cd burner… damn I used to make a lot of money with that…. aaaah the good old days…

    #11 | Comment by WP — May 9, 2003 @ 4:49 pm

  12. Where does one get a hold of one of the "fake" Madonna titles? (I’m always one for a novelty.)

    #12 | Comment by thefelinepunk — May 9, 2003 @ 4:54 pm

  13. i don’t mind paying for a cd that i want. If i like the band, more than likely i’m gonna like the other songs on the cd. And if i only like one or two songs on it, no regrets.

    #13 | Comment by nived — May 10, 2003 @ 3:24 am

  14. Didnt Madonna charge like 2 bucks on her website for her new song?

    That’s what artists should do…charge a dollar or two for the songs that we actually want…


    Let it Snow

    #14 | Comment by Eversnow — May 10, 2003 @ 3:34 am

  15. In my humble opinion, downloading music is fine with me. I have well over 500 files, and i have no problem with that. For all the songs i have, it would be illogical to buy every single cd that i have a song or two off of would be ludacrous. Muscians need to calm the hell down if they gross a couple of thousand of dollars less than last year.


    #15 | Comment by mackenry — May 10, 2003 @ 7:07 am

  16. Cici’s stalking Justin now….fine, but it shouldn’t be put on the fucking site.

    If only Jamlink were here…I guess I can trust in Thess to do the right thing.

    #16 | Comment by Bubba — May 10, 2003 @ 7:33 am

  17. She’s pretty.

    But suzi is still the best 😀

    #17 | Comment by JiL0 — May 10, 2003 @ 8:27 am

  18. Agreed.

    #18 | Comment by PacManJesus — May 10, 2003 @ 9:37 am

  19. I have maybe 20 music cd’s. But also a 10 gig hard drive full up with mp3’s, about 3k songs. Dunno what the ratio is but it’s not enough to rattle my conscience.
    Viva la kazaa. No wait.. the French suck. Long live kazaa !

    #19 | Comment by Lock — May 10, 2003 @ 1:47 pm

  20. Is it just me, or doesn’t CiCi have any teeth? I have yet to see a picture with her actually smiling and showing "teeth"… you know those small little white thingies in your mouth…

    #20 | Comment by Tuna — May 10, 2003 @ 4:46 pm

  21. i have no problem downloading music. i think it’s borderline idiotic for musicians to protest it because it’s spreading THEIR music, gaining exposure and isn’t that what it’s all about? maybe they shouldn’t be so greedy.

    #21 | Comment by sara — May 11, 2003 @ 4:39 am


    #22 | Comment by ubermAn — May 12, 2003 @ 2:25 am

  23. FUCK the record labels, and record companies and everyone who is pissed about Downloading music..

    I drive a piece of shit beat up crap hole Toyota truck…What do they drive? BENTLEY MERCEDES PORSCHA HUMMER JAGUAR LOTUS MASARAETI….

    I can barely afford GAS for my truck…they can barely afford an ISLAND…

    They are BITCHIN because i DL their music and didnt buy the CD….


    I WASNT GOING TO BUY IT ANYWAYS…i cant afford it….

    Sorry for the rantin, but shit nigga, they need to pucker up their bunghole and shut the FUCK UP..

    Thank you

    #23 | Comment by EverSnow — May 12, 2003 @ 2:39 am

  24. Recent studies have shown that part of the reason that cd sales have gone down is that most of the Baby Boomers have rebought their record collections on cd. And like your Mad Caddies example (bytheway, they rock), smaller bands actually profit from music downloading because it’s like being heard on the radio, except more effective. People used to listen to the radio ’till their favorite songs came on, and then tape them. Same thing, only faster.

    #24 | Comment by The Weasel — May 13, 2003 @ 12:54 pm

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