Susan Ward?

Could it be? Is it really she?

Subject: That girl from “shallow hal”
From: “Kevin Jordan”
Date: Tue, Oct 16 2001 1:26:23 AM -0500

I’ll be damned if the woman on the left isn’t none other than Susan Ward. And I can tell that just from looking at her breast size. The other two chicks (middle and right, respectively) are Brook Burns (Baywatch) and Sasha Knopf (Playboy), but you obviously don’t care about them. At any rate, get Will to take back his heartless comment about dear, sweet Susan (edited for time and content):

“As I was saying÷ Oh yes, Susan Ward is not that hot. This came as quite a travesty to me. I have an FHM calendar over my trashcan and this month just so happens to have Susan Ward on it and man, is she HOT! Yeah, at least that’s what I thought. So I went about scouring the internet to see more pictures of her. Well, I’ll be darned if I found more then four good pictures of her. In all the other ones she looks… ::shiver:: not so hot at all.

[. . . Blah, blah, blah . . .]

Oh well, anyway about Susan Ward, she’s not so hot. Just look around the internet at some of her other pictures, you’ll come to the startling realization too.”

There are maybe a grand total of four BAD pictures of Susan in the world. If anyone needs further proof that her photos are predominantly GOOD, check her out in the Best of Maxim issue. For lack of a better word, phwoar.

P.S. Kirsten is at least 22.5 times hotter than Jessica Alba. End of debate.

Banana aka Major Suck-Up

Susan Ward? Is that really you? Fucking hell. You are hot.

Will. Get off your ass and retort.


My farting roommate bought Blood: The Last Vampire on DVD. Looks like i won’t have to buy it myself. The DVD’s pretty fucking weak. It’s basically just the movie, a trailer and a 21 minute making of thing. And fucking hell. The movie’s only 48 minutes long!

48 minutes!

What the hell?? And not only that, but the packaging even lies to you! Approximate running time of 83 minutes my ass. I WANT MORE BLOOD.

But despite the ridiculously short running time, Blood’s a pretty good movie. I like to think of it as… Buffy meets The X Files. The action’s pretty good. Lots of blood. But the climax’s pretty fucking weak 🙁 It’s a beautiful movie though. You’d be hard pressed to figure out what’s CGI and what’s not during some of the scenes. Saya’s (the main character) pretty hot too. Kinda like Dark Angel… in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit.

Apparently the Japanese version of the DVD shipped as a 3 disc set with two different versions of the movie and much much more extra stuff. The Region 1 version only has the movie, a documentary and a trailer. Bleh. But 3 discs or not, the movie still only runs 48 minutes long. And that sucks. I WANT MORE BLOOD.

3 thoughts on “Susan Ward?

  1. That movie was the ever lovin’ shiznit, but the real next gen Anime is Cowboy Bebop. As far as old Anime goes, the best was and will always be Robotech.

    What pisses me off to no end though is the whole Cowboy Bebop on Cartoon network deal. Dubbed pretty bad, and all the good scenes are edited beyond repair. Ugh.

    #1 | Comment by Jerk — October 17, 2001 @ 1:23 am

  2. i’m going to have to write a full post about this, but in the meantime here’s a "pleasant" picture of her to tide over my retort.

    #2 | Comment by will.hinds. — October 17, 2001 @ 12:03 pm

  3. i like ice cream

    #3 | Comment by TC_chaos — January 28, 2002 @ 11:45 pm

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