I didn’t really post much yesterday did i? Well… not as much as the day before anyway. I was out for most of the day. Went out to get my DVD’s. And besides, i thought i’d give myself a break after the seemingly non-stop posting spree that i’ve been on this past week.

If you can consider not posting within the last 24 hours a break that is.

And i also had to sit for a mid term paper for my film class today. It went pretty well i’d say. Considering that i didn’t even study at all. Answered 20 true or false questions and did a 300 word analysis on Hitchcock’s stylistic unity. Piss easy.

But of course, you don’t really care for that.

DVD’s i picked up yesterday.

Okay… i was actually ONLY supposed to pick up my copy of Clerks which i’d ordered like… in July. That was the initial plan anyway.

So yes. I did pick up my copy of Clerks.

  • Clerks (RM$179)*cha-ching*

    And then i saw Suspiria Limited Edition, The Princess Bride Special Edition and Driven.

  • Suspiria Limited Edition (RM$239)
  • The Princess Bride Special Edition (RM$139)
  • Driven (RM$139)*cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching*

    And i even picked up Mission: Impossible-2 on impulse.

  • Mission: Impossible-2 (RM$139)*cha-ching*


    Do the math.


    Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this month. And next month. In terms of DVD buying i mean. Since i’m gonna have to make what’s left of my money last till the end of November, i can’t afford to buy another DVD lest i want to strave to death and live off ramen for the rest of my days.

    I’m really proud that i got a hold of Suspiria. I’ve been meaning to get my hands of that movie for years now. And now i have it on DVD. In a limited edition 3 disc set at that. Only 60,000 of them in the entire world. And i have one of them. Weee.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if none of you’ve ever heard of it before. It’s this old Italian horror movie. Made in 1977 by Dario Argento. Possibly the best Italian horror/suspense director ever.

    It’s was a real fucked up movie for it’s time. It’s also an acquired taste. Italian horror isn’t like Hollywood horror. Meaning, no. It isn’t like The Evil Dead. Meaning, yes. Only i like it.

    I’m thinking, now that i have the complete collection of all the Kevin Smith flicks on DVD,…

    (except for Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back… but it’ll probably be a while till that comes out… hopefully on a DVD that’s as stacked as Kirsten Dunst)

    …maybe i should start collecting all the good Dario Argento flicks. I have my eye on possibly getting Tenebre, one of his better movies, sometime before i leave Malaysia at the end of the year. I’d have to order the damn thing though because that Fox Home Video place didn’t have it in stock. I’ll call Rene tomorrow or something. Or get my farting roommate to place an order for me since he’s gonna pick up his DVD’s from her tomorrow. He ordered The Godfather Trilogy boxset (RM$499). And Dogma: Special Edition (RM$149).

    Yes. DVD’s are very expensive here.

    It’s really too bad that, The Stendhal Syndrome and Phantom Of The Opera, his last two movies, sucked ass. okay. I haven’t actually seem them yet but i heard they sucked ass. Or at least aren’t up to his usual standards. The Stendhal Syndrome has Asia Argento in it. No, not Asia Carrera. Asia Argento.

    She’s Dario Argento’s daughter. She’s also strangely hot. Creepy yet beautiful you know?

    I think she gets naked in that movie. Which is kinda disturbing considering that her father directed it.

    Those wacky Italians.

    Apparently, all his movies started going downhill after making Suspiria. He recently just made Sleepless (2001) though. It’s supposedly better than anything he’s done since the 70’s. But i wouldn’t know because i haven’t seen it.

    His top 3 best movies ever?

    1. Deep Red
    2. Suspiria
    3. Tenebre

    E-mail time:

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: poll
    From: “Aaron Richardson” phoenix_phan@msn.com
    Date: Wed, Oct 17 2001 9:04:50 PM -0500

    Hey how’s the poll results going? Yeah I thought so.


    Blah. Asshole.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: libbey hoeler
    From: “jim dixon” JAD33@MEDIAONE.NET
    Date: Wed, Oct 17 2001 9:05:49 AM -0400

    Hi, could you please tell me where to find those libby hoeler videos? I’ve seen 1 and I want to see the ones on your site to see if they are the same girl.

    Best Regards, Jad

    The videos are still down dude. Monarch’s still looking for a someone to host those videos for him. If any of you out there are willing to help him out by hosting the videos, just e-mail him and let him know. The sooner those vids are back online, the better.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: you are funny
    From: “Miss Take” ladybug@sfsu.edu
    Date: Thu, Oct 18 2001 1:12:34 AM -0700

    i was perusing your site a little bit, and i found you quite amusing, i just wanted to drop you a line and let you know i appreciate it.
    have an awesome day, toodles



    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: hey
    From: “Ashlie Roberts” aradia778@yahoo.com
    Date: Thu, Oct 18 2001 5:45:32 AM -0700

    hey sweetie

    i saw that pic you put up, the one of yourself. hehe you are SUCH a character 🙂 that Rachel Leigh Cook joke you made had me rofl! oh and by the way, will you marry me? lol

    you’re cute. you should try smiling!



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