Took me awhile but i’m logged in after 10 pm again.

Stupid Brunet. Anyway, watched the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on tv tonight… Alicia Silverstone was on. Wow.. that dress she was wearing… maximum cleavage mannnn. Shiiiiiit. Watched Payback again with my parental units.

Pretty gruesome movie…with all the torture scenes and all. But my mom laughed a lot during the movie. And my dad thought it was a pretty good movie. What was really cool was when my mom was watching Road Trip a few days back.

Boy this is a shitty update. I’m gonna call me up a slice after this to erase any memory of this crap update…. until tomorrow that is, when i have to look back at this boring ass ‘update’. This sure is a boring summer. Maybe i’ll talk about blowjobs and post more nudie pics in my next update tomorrow. Heh. Any other suggestions should be directed to the forum.

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