Dammit. It sucks to be me. It’s nice to see that i’ve, in a small way, kind of inspired at least 3 of my friends to start running their own e/n sites.

Although they’re still kinda stuck in between the hybrid ‘homepage – e/n’ stage of things. Basically they’re still not 100% e/n but will probably get there someday.




Again, they’re not ‘true’ e/n sites yet mind you…i’m just plugging them because i’m nice. *Grin* In other news, due to the overwhelming number of votes on the “Should i stop writing about Jeanne?” poll (A total number of 4 votes so far) with 3 yes’s and 1 no well i guess that says it all then. No more mentioning of the name Jeanne anymore. *Sob sob* Terrible isn’t? Unless of course the poll results change…..

Dammit. It sucks to be me.

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