Spider-Man 2

Everybody needs to go see this movie. Everybody.

If it’s going to be as good as i expect it to be, i seriously think i will cry. Heck, watching the TV spot with all the glowing reviews alone makes me want to cry.

Spider-Man pretty much smashed every single box office record ever when it first came out. And it’d be SO cool if Spider-Man 2 can do the same. Judging from early reviews, it’s definitely a better movie than the first. And quite possibly the best summer superhero movie ever. I really hope that it breaks box office records. Actually, fuck it. It WILL break box office records. But i want those records to be DESTROYED.

It’s just damn cool to see Sam Raimi, the guy who started off with low budget movies like Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness, Darkman etc etc… to come this far and finally make the big bucks. Same goes for Peter Jackson, the guy who started off with Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Dead Alive… and then to make The Motherfucking Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and get 11 Oscars for it. SO awesome. And even James Cameron, who started off with fucking Piranha 2 for God’s sake… to finally go on and make Titanic (best. movie. ever. don’t argue) and get 11 Oscars for it too. SO fucking awesome.

Sam Raimi probably won’t win Oscars for Spider-Man 2. But that’s not to say that he can’t. He’s done some pretty good Oscar-worthy-ish type films when he’s not dabbling in cult horror or summer superhero flicks.

If you haven’t already seen ‘A Simple Plan’, you should. It’s really fucking good. It totally blew me away when i first saw it. Really good movie.

Oh and of course, you also have him to thank for the gift that is Katie Holmes’ naked boobs in… ‘The Gift‘ (…ironically). It’s probably a pretty good movie too but i still can’t tell because all i can remember about when i think about that movie is Katie Holmes’ boobs.

Anyhow, go see Spider-Man 2. And check out ‘Before Sunset‘ this weekend. The sequel to one of my favoritest movies ever, Before Sunrise (which i have on LASERDISC). I’ll probably write about those movies another time.

Here’s some Kiki at the Spider-Man 2 premiere:

  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Not looking her best but hey, i’d still hit it.

    Oh and check her out in her other new movie, Wimbledon.


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