Everybody. Go out and see Paparazzi now. It is fucking SWEET. One of the best revenge movies i’ve seen. It’s produced by Mel Gibson so you know it’s gonna be good. I mean, he was in Payback (which is also another excellent revenge movie) so it’s not like he doesn’t know what it takes to produce a good revenge flick. Plus he’s also a pretty sadistic bastard too (ending of Braveheart anyone? and do i even need to mention The Passion Of The Christ?). Okay so Paparazzi is only PG-13 and it really doesn’t go as far as Payback in terms of revenge induced sadism nor does it have the R rated gore and violence of Braveheart/Passion. But it really didn’t need that R-ness. Shit, i didn’t even realize that i was watching a PG-13 movie. It’s a non issue. It’s still incredibly satisfying.

Cole Hauser is fucking awesome in this movie. I love that guy. I actually found myself clapping and cheering during one of the ‘payback’ scenes. It usually takes A LOT to even get a laugh out of me and for this movie to actually make me start clapping… that’s a pretty big feat. Seriously, this movie is worth seeing.

You get the feeling that this movie was made FOR actors. Watch it and you see what i mean. It’s VERY tongue in cheek, it’s got lots of in jokes and it’s a fairly cliche at times. It definitely won’t win any Oscars or anything and it probably won’t be a HUGE box office hit and i’m almost certain critics will be slamming this movie like no tomorrow but fuck all of that. It’s a fun movie. If you’re looking to have a good time, go see Paparazzi. It’s one of the most satisfying flicks i’ve seen this year. HIGHLY recommended.


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