Shark Tale Soundtrack Plug

Have any of you seen it? I haven’t. I’ll probably just wait for the DVD. Apparently it’s like, the worst reviewed CG movie ever or something? It still came out on top at the box office though.

Anyhow, the soundtrack seems pretty cool. It’s got Christina Aguialeeriaareaa doing a remake/cover of Car Wash. And Jojo’s on it too!

She’s 13 you pervert.

Click to see who else is on the soundtrack.

And here’s the full video for the new Christina Aguaeialrea Car Wash cover. Worth a watch. Christina cleavage galore. Mmmm. Bajoobies…

Oh. New discovery: fan_3.

She has a song on the soundtrack. Weird name but she’s hot. Might wanna keep an eye on her.

She’s also got a blog on her website. Check it out for more pics.


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