Shit, there’s a funny ass post in my guestbook of someone pretending to be Mr. Litvin (the Dean of studies of JIS). If i were to actually reply to that post, i’d say “Yes sir, i was a year thirteen student and i did try as hard as possible to be a role model to younger students.
I never did anything remotely bad during my stay in JIS but i’m no longer a student there and besides, who started the bad mouthing first?”

Heheh, for the record, i don’t usually fuck people over like i did with Tazio/Izzati unless they MAJORLY (and i do mean MAJORLY) piss me off. Really. I don’t usually do that. I’ve got a testimony, check this out (ICQ with Jia Ying):

Jia Ying: i swear to god, you are one of the most patient and sweet guys i have evvveeerrr met!

Note the words patient and sweet. Anyway, it takes quite a lot to piss me off but it takes very little effort for me to retaliate. SO. DON’T. FUCK. WITH. ME.

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