August 15 – August 25


*This is not a post. Just an explanation. Due to my infinite stupidity and carelessness, i have accidently deleted all the posts dated from August 15 – August 25. And since i didn’t make any backups of the posts, there are now gone forever. I deserve a swift kick in the ass for that. Sorry.*

*What you’re missing: If my memory serves me right, i spent a good part of those 2 lost weeks of posts writing about how i hated my new PC setup, how i started to love the new setup after i got a Jennifer Love Hewitt desktop pic, started talking about Jeanne some more, went to the city a coupla more times and revisited my school and shit to see all my friends. I also wrote some really good commentaries about annoying things in life like the fucked up usage of the words YOU, YOU’RE and YOUR by some people. A lot happened and i lost a lot of posts documenting all those ‘happenin’ events. Most of which i have no recollection of anymore unless i reread those lost posts. *sigh* There were so many good posts in those 2 weeks. So many memories lost. Damn. What a fucking waste.*

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