Today i’m gonna tell you the fucked up-ness of sleeping at 6 am everyday for the whole weekend. By sleeping at 6 am everyday, you fuck up your biological clock and it’s bound to make you miss your 8:30 am class on Mondays. It also makes you wake up at 5 pm in the evening with breath so stinky, it makes you yourself gag. Blech. Sleeping at 6 am and waking up at 5 pm makes your hair stand on end making you look like a reject out of a Dragon Ball Z cartoon. It also makes you piss like a NASCAR driver. Holding it all in is NOT a good idea. You’re almost always bound to let it go while you sleep (not that i did but it could happen…). Sleeping for almost 12 hours straight gives you lots of time to dream and in my case you start dreaming weird dreams one of which that involved Jeanne and my old school JIS (Remember Jeanne? I used to mention her in every single one of my posts a coupla months ago. Go take a look at the archives). Anyway this post is batched. I’ll upload this tonight when i’m at a cybercafe. I feel like shit, i need to take a shit, i’m sorely in need of a bath and……ooh…a pretty girl just walked past the window….mmmmm.

As i was saying. I gotta go. My breath is killing me.

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