I Ain’t Ever Gonna Understand

yes so hm. i had so much to say when i was driving around this morning take care of fines and such (driving without insurance really doesn’t pay kids, so you know). but now that i’m here with my notepad before me i can’t think of a damn thing to say.

hmm. you know i talk about Justin a lot on my site, it’s really kinda corny but i would say he’s like my best online friend. of all the people i’ve never met he’s my favorite. he always amuses me somehow… take for example what is going on now. i’m almost, not completely sure, but almost that he knows my little secrets. it wouldn’t be hard to figure out at all from his standpoint but the way he exploits it or lack thereof exploitation amuses me to death. i thought at first it was random coincidence that this should happen like this, but pffft, i don’t believe in any of that malarkey. i still think he’s the biggest suck up of all time with these girls but hey, i guess i shouldn’t be player hating huh?


anyway. i’ll say i’m pretty quick to judge recently. not something i’ve been known to do. i was thinking about it earlier and at first i thought it was because i’ve been irritated lately, but that’s not really true, i’ve been bored. complete complacency is making me all dumb. but i’ll admit to it, at least. so i apologize, again, to the peoples i’ve been an ass to, all two of them. honestly if it weren’t for Justin i’d never have stopped to think about it. i wonder if he even realizes?

i hope with those seeking pr0n aren’t too disappointed with all these last posts, i for one just don’t have that knack for e/smut like my buddy and pal Justin. but i’m sure he’ll give you a good fix of naked women as soon as he can.

4 thoughts on “I Ain’t Ever Gonna Understand

  1. you know i bet it’s unintentional. like he just can’t help being a sexxy beast with the ladies (rrrawr!). like gambling… he’s just a compulsive pimp! hehehe actually i’m just talking out of my ass.. but if this seems to ring true we should start him on a 12-step program straight-away! before it gets any more out-of-hand. !

    and on a second note.. i am terribly naive (and i don’t know you) so i don’t know what secrets, random coincidences, or premature judgements you are referring to.. but whatever it is i hope you feel better soon. after all, we need you to be in tip-top condition if we’re going to cure justin of this horrible girl-loving disease; he needs your support if he’s going to live through this!

    ha.. kidding.. actually i never questioned his motivations. i just assumed it was because he was a really sweet/nice/cool/fun guy. i have no idea where his mind went when he let me post, though. now i realize it’s probably far more serious than a personality quirk. :/ justin, we’re here to help you! 😉 <3!

    #1 | Comment by crystal — November 29, 2001 @ 5:35 am

  2. eh it’s probably nothing. i tend to over analyze things from time to time.

    #2 | Comment by will.hinds. — November 29, 2001 @ 6:05 am

  3. yes. i think it’s safe to say that i <3 Crystal.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <##@# 235 #%@^ #@^%^#@ !!! =D

    #3 | Comment by Justin — November 29, 2001 @ 6:44 pm

  4. 12-step program it is, mr! ;D jk

    i <3 you too!!

    #4 | Comment by crystal — November 29, 2001 @ 7:14 pm

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