temporary solutions

well i’m sure everyone will be excited to hear that i fixed this page, again. but wait no one realized it was broken huh? well if you came here between 1 and 2:30pm Eastern time you might have noticed the site temporarily mirrored on my server. but since then i have pinpointed the problem and isolated it. of course i haven’t fixed it yet. but i don’t know how actually. so yes. everything is well and good but there are no archives. yes that’s right none. well i suppose there are some from pre-Greymatter days. but all the more recent archives are closed until further notice.

i could go on and on about what the problem is but i know no one fucking cares, and frankly, neither do i. so i’ll try to figure it out sometime soon. or convert this site to some other program which doesn’t give us so much shit. in the meantime, well continue whatever you were doing.

ps- i look like neither John Travolta or Gary Oldman. i’m sexier then both of those old bastards.

testing mirror

how would you actually go about testing a mirror? i don’t really know now that i think about it. hm. ok, anyway. this is will hinds of some crappy site i imagine you never heard about talking. i regularly fix this site because justin regularly breaks it. in this case i don’t know how to fix it, just yet at least, so i’ve mirrored all the html of greymatter to my own site. so we can all continue enjoying the fruit that is fubar while i puzzle over what to do next. so please feel free to resume your regular porn browsing and crappy comment making.

Everything in It’s Right Place

well i should say a few things first, um, i guess to Justin really. but hey, maybe youÃŒre interested. most likely not, i understand, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

yeah. anyway, i was going to say. in the process of fixing Greymatter i came to the following conclusions: nothing needs a reason, and something is definitely not right. what i mean is, i don’t believe Greymatter’s crash was Justin’s fault at all. actually i believe there might be some kind of higher power to this crash somewhere along the lines of the server. i can’t really figure it all out, but who the hell cares, it works now. and i’ve backed up and mirrored the site on my own server and will do so every month (give or take) so if the shit hits the fan. well, at least it won’t be sooo bad.

so be happy and rejoice and stuff because everything seems to be working, for the time.

one last note: i still haven’t fixed the archives, because i’m a lazy asshole and pffft, i’m just not in the mood to anyway.

oh yeah another last note: i upgraded to Greymatter 1.21c while i was fixing the site too. so if you notice any little differences it’s me testing something new for my own site. that is if i ever get off my lazy ass and see what’s new in this release.

What Would You Do?

eh. it’s no suprise the naysayers are finally coming out of the woodwork, everyone has them. regardless of what you do or say. we simply have to be content with the fact that they are walking contradictions. first off you have someone who hates your site so much they don’t just walk away in disgust, no they sit down and ponder why they hate it so much. they formulate all this shit in their head and then they sit down and type it all out, and then to ice this beautiful cake they submit their comments to the world via, your own website, the one they hate that is. so far you’ve only had one fucker that’s done that. and logically speaking they should never say anything else. they dropped their two cents, and since they hate this site so much and all i would think they won’t be responding again. but they probably will. as is the case with all the haters.

this other guy, well he’s even worse in some ways. he’s pointing fingers at an issue he doesn’t understand at people that have nothing to do with the original situation he is addressing. that’s just pathetic. at least this guy doesn’t like your site, and doesn’t read it though, we could give him that. but then we reveal his further incompetence. at any rate i would hope he doesn’t because if he does he has no comprehension skills what-so-ever.

honestly, it’s all good, they can say all they want, but it doesn’t change anything. compared to these two assmonkeys you have legions of loyal readers. don’t let it upset you man. everyday more people are turned on to this site, and the more people you have reading it, the more assholes it’s going to attract too, you can’t take one without the other.

I Ain’t Ever Gonna Understand

yes so hm. i had so much to say when i was driving around this morning take care of fines and such (driving without insurance really doesn’t pay kids, so you know). but now that i’m here with my notepad before me i can’t think of a damn thing to say.

hmm. you know i talk about Justin a lot on my site, it’s really kinda corny but i would say he’s like my best online friend. of all the people i’ve never met he’s my favorite. he always amuses me somehow… take for example what is going on now. i’m almost, not completely sure, but almost that he knows my little secrets. it wouldn’t be hard to figure out at all from his standpoint but the way he exploits it or lack thereof exploitation amuses me to death. i thought at first it was random coincidence that this should happen like this, but pffft, i don’t believe in any of that malarkey. i still think he’s the biggest suck up of all time with these girls but hey, i guess i shouldn’t be player hating huh?


anyway. i’ll say i’m pretty quick to judge recently. not something i’ve been known to do. i was thinking about it earlier and at first i thought it was because i’ve been irritated lately, but that’s not really true, i’ve been bored. complete complacency is making me all dumb. but i’ll admit to it, at least. so i apologize, again, to the peoples i’ve been an ass to, all two of them. honestly if it weren’t for Justin i’d never have stopped to think about it. i wonder if he even realizes?

i hope with those seeking pr0n aren’t too disappointed with all these last posts, i for one just don’t have that knack for e/smut like my buddy and pal Justin. but i’m sure he’ll give you a good fix of naked women as soon as he can.

Quality Baking Since 1914

i remember my password, after several failed attempts. w00t! yay now where’s the Olsen… wait a second, there’s no underage p- i mean benefits at all to this club! and all this time i’ve been paying $9.95 a month! damnations.

well i should make the best of it by saying… uh, hehe, yeah. shit. well i could say that Tastykake’s designer imposter “Tasty Treats” taste nothing like Rice Krispy Treats and i pity the fool that buys them expecting the delicious taste of Rice Krispy Treats. Tasty Treats have neither rice, nor krispies, but plenty of processed goodness. if you were to maybe bury a Rice Krispy Treat beneath a landfill for fifteen years, dig it up and eat it, you might have yourself a “tasty” treat, mmm mmm good. honestly i think these are the reject rice krispies, they scrap the trashcans of kids all over the world for leftovers and make this most shitty treats.

i suppose i should stop complaining huh? after all, i did steal them from someone else’s desk, but i hate it when my meal (regardless of it’s origin) doesn’t meet my standards. you know what i mean?

i’ll be damned

… if i didn’t just put my next post for my site up here by accident. notice how i mention this site in the third person (i guess that makes sense since i linked to this site from this site). yeah so i’m a complete fucking idiot. it’s not my fault i swear, i have like three different Greymatter accounts and i wasn’t paying attention. i was going to try and delete it but then i remembered how that is like immpossible in greymatter so i was like fuuuuck. oh well. so yeah.

oh shit, i’m not writing in Justin speak either. what is the world coming to?