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Christmas sucked; hardcore style. I think this is the first year I actually sat down and realized, “Hey. I’m not a kid any more. My presents suck.” And it’s true, y’all, it’s true. Once you turn 18, gifts from the family dry up. It goes from getting board games, video games, game consoles, movies, clothes, candy, etc…into every aunt, uncle, and cousin you have (and my family is NOT that big) saying, “Here, Merry Christmas.” …And handing you $20.00–now that, my friends, is a boatload of suck.

And y’know, it’s not that I demand big presents; quite the opposite. I’d just like some measure of thought put into something my FAMILY, who has known me my entire LIFE would get me. A pair of socks with my favorite Powerpuff Girl on them. (Bubbles, btw.) A pair of tickets to a monster truck rally. A Depeche Mode CD…all things that would cost less than 20 dollars, but all things that they would know I liked.

I dunno.

I feel really selfish, thinking things like that; who am I to declare what kind of Christmas I want and “should” have when there’s children out there who have strangers buying presents for them, and dropping them off in boxes at the bank. People who couldn’t afford a tree, lights, or the whole Christmas doodah whatever…

And Shawn got me a badass little sprint PCS TP5200 phone…

Christmas is over, though, and no one will think about it again until next Thanksgiving (and every single goddamn day after that.)

“So. What’re we doing for New Year’s?”


  1. Hay it could be worse ;)I wonder what Osama got for x-mas Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm………

    #1 | Comment by -=SolarisMKA=- — December 29, 2001 @ 4:41 am

  2. heh. all too true. i think it was when i realized i had no family that i realized christmas sucks. i imagine when i have my own family it will be fun again. to see my kids opening presents, throwing wrapping paper in every direction, hollering and screaming over presents and trashing the house… wait that sound worse. eh. christmas sucks.

    i suppose i should try to post too. hm. must make my (hero) proud i guess. bah.

    #2 | Comment by will.hinds. — December 29, 2001 @ 6:20 am

  3. i know what you’re talkin’ about. I remember the good old days when half the day would be taken by "some assembly required" gifts, noisemaking stuff, and legos. now? it’s all over in about ten minutes. *reality sucks* Santa, come back!

    #3 | Comment by The Weasel — December 29, 2001 @ 7:26 am

  4. hey Thess…Happy Belated Christmas..too bad u didnt get what u wanted..Also Happy New Year and hope u have a great New Year too.bye2

    #4 | Comment by katy — December 29, 2001 @ 11:51 pm

  5. wow my penis is huge

    #5 | Comment by Morgan Booth — December 30, 2001 @ 9:30 am


    #6 | Comment by Morgan Booth — December 30, 2001 @ 10:25 am

  7. I know what you mean. But, it could be worse!

    I know someone whose parents gave her a towel for Christmas. Not a set of towels. Not some kind of super-cool, super-plush uber-towel. Not even a towel that matched her bathroom. Just a plain old, run-of-the-mill KMart type towel.

    Compared to that, a nice crisp Andrew Jackson’s looking pretty nice!

    #7 | Comment by Greg — December 30, 2001 @ 11:59 am

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