14 11 2008

What seemingly perfect boobs Lacey’s got.

Those puppies look like they’d hang just about right, if set free.

Now if only we had any idea about what her nips look like.


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    14 11 2008
  • 1.  Chas (09:34:54) :

    Mmmmmm nice, thanks!

  • 14 11 2008
  • 2.  The Only Democrat Here (10:16:04) :

    Nice! I loves me some Chabert.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 3.  Your Drunken Stepfather (10:17:04) :

    mmmm, this will satisfy those who’ve murmured the words, “More Chabert!” for the past several months…

    like me.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 4.  MacDaddy (10:39:10) :

    Hotness is as Hotness Does.

    Gotta love me some She-Bear!

    Best line from her ever: “I don’t have sex with every creepy looser who writes me a letter!!…………….I give ’em hand jobs!”

  • 14 11 2008
  • 5.  walker4409 (10:48:36) :

    It seems the theory that some people would even
    fuck a hydrant is true. She was nice in “lost in
    space” and “all my children” but now she´s a 26
    year old bigot mommy with horsey teeth. It doesn´t
    matter how her nipples look like. Like horsey
    nipples probably

  • 14 11 2008
  • 6.  tool (11:08:09) :

    What, yo mamma is a hydrant?

    Us heterosexuals like her looks just fine.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 7.  walker4409 (11:39:47) :

    Since you like horse-like women you´re certainly
    more a sodomite. I like beautiful girls and if i
    criticise then never without reason. If you think
    you´re more hetero than others because you´re
    running behind each slut like a dog then you´re
    wrong. It makes you not more hetero it shows only
    that you´re a puny little wanker

  • 14 11 2008
  • 8.  BobBobson (12:21:49) :

    Dude, she’s like 23, or something… like ancient – too lazy to type imdbctrlenter to find out age.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 9.  walker4409 (13:14:45) :

    23 is damn old for a horse, but this mare is already
    26 like i said

  • 14 11 2008
  • 10.  Pirho (13:25:22) :

    Who would have thought little Penny Robinson whould have a nice rack when she grew up?

  • 14 11 2008
  • 11.  darkstar (14:27:00) :

    Your sister has a fine pair of tits, Danger Will Robinson!

  • 14 11 2008
  • 12.  Kewtr (14:27:00) :

    So walker4409 who’s a good one in your opinion right now? I mean Lacey was at most 12, and likely 11 when she left All My Children. She started there at 8 or 9.

    So I think we might just be shopping in altogether different markets. I like breasts.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 13.  edc (14:40:28) :

    this is relevant to my interests.. I am pleased!

  • 14 11 2008
  • 14.  edc (14:44:05) :

    I’ll shut up now about more shrub ear.. for a while.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 15.  walker4409 (14:52:21) :

    Don´t put me into any tight drawer, i love nice
    tits too….but horsetits?? No , that´s too extreme
    even for me

  • 14 11 2008
  • 16.  Nobody (15:09:43) :

    Alright, just in case anyone wasn’t already clear on the issue, walker is an idiot. I’m pretty sure it’s official now. Glad we settled that.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 17.  walker4409 (15:29:49) :

    Nobrainy, you´re still alive !! I´m so surprised,
    ´cause i´ve heard an abominable ugly corps was
    found, brainless and with a dildo into its asshole.
    I was sure it must be you !

  • 14 11 2008
  • 18.  Nobody (16:44:10) :

    They found a whole corps of abominable uglies, without brains, and with dildos stuck up their asses?

    I am not a part of such a corps.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 19.  SAM (17:40:35) :

    I came in my princess sisters’ mouth last night.Thats what she gets for getting drunk

  • 14 11 2008
  • 20.  Katy Perry Fan (18:41:21) :

    There are wardrobe malfunction pics of Katy out right now. We need super high resolution of them stat Justin!

  • 14 11 2008
  • 21.  Mister (19:08:20) :

    Word on the street is that her nipples look like, well, nipples.

  • 14 11 2008
  • 22.  Claire Bennet & Elle Bishop (20:02:46) :

    more bell n panettiere n perry n cyrus fox

  • 14 11 2008
  • 23.  Nobody (22:36:56) :

    more bell n panettiere n perry n cyrus fox


  • 14 11 2008
  • 24.  DD (22:56:18) :

    @19 hahaha, wtf.. that was random. You interrupted the pissing contest with your funnies.

  • 15 11 2008
  • 25.  the demon seed of Ron Jeremy (01:13:38) :

    19- I came in your princess sister’s mouth tonight. She wasn’t impressed with your small dick. BOO-YAH!

  • 15 11 2008
  • 26.  edc (01:51:11) :

    19 whats her number?

  • 15 11 2008
  • 27.  walker4409 (02:20:27) :

    Hey guys this is a thread about Lacey

  • 15 11 2008
  • 28.  josh (02:53:01) :

    sorry walker, you must’ve gotten mixed up…you posted a pic of your mom…

    go away now

  • 15 11 2008
  • 29.  walker4409 (04:00:47) :

    A verbis ad verbera ?

  • 15 11 2008
  • 30.  cobalt (08:26:06) :

    Lol @ 14. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was edc and “needs more chabert”, lol.

    And what the fuck, Walker, stop arguing with people all the time. You’re acting the Zulus in Civilization 2.:

    Player: “We humbly offer our friends the Zulus a peace treaty.”

    Shaka: “Fuck you, motherfucker, I’m gonna blow this shiat open yo – get yo’ ass ready for some WAAAARRRRR!” *

    * possibly misquoted

  • 15 11 2008
  • 31.  Kee Man (10:53:01) :

    Walker, just bc you had a bad experience with a horse doesn’t mean everybody looks like one.

  • 15 11 2008
  • 32.  R Kelly's 13 Year Old Friend (16:06:59) :

    She’s hot – 26 or not. Fact: Chicks with big tits have a much longer shelf life – just ask Elizabeth Hurly, Mary Louise Parker or Jennifer Tilly. It seriously is time for her to get those things out. Her career sucks, she’s doing nothing, and they’ve only got a few years left on them. I would suggest a “double revelation”, with her and Jennifer Love Hewitt busting them out together in “Party of Two: Chicks in Love”.

  • 15 11 2008
  • 33.  Katy Perry Fan (17:12:35) :

    Justin. Where are the Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction pics at?

  • 15 11 2008
  • 34.  ron dingleberry (19:44:36) :

    MMMMmmmmmm Laceyyyyy…. more, plz!

  • 16 11 2008
  • 35.  MoarMeganFoxNao (03:31:41) :

    please sir can i have sum’more

  • 16 11 2008
  • 36.  Franc (05:15:09) :

    How retarded must someone be to find a person hot only because she has big boobs? If that’s the only criterion for hotness, boy, I musst be the hottest person on earth with my man boobs. :S

  • 16 11 2008
  • 37.  Phil says, "huh?" (09:53:58) :

    She’s pretty hot.

    Justin or AB: please post pics of some milf-a-licious Stacy Haiduk! She’s been appearing on PrisonBreak lately (also first season of Heroes and a guess appearance on LIFE). Talk about hawt!

  • 16 11 2008
  • 38.  cobalt (14:38:45) :


    You’re still watching Prison Break?

    What’s the deal with that? Is he still trying to get out or do they keep putting him back in?

  • 16 11 2008
  • 39.  alberach (14:42:10) :

    Hell, I watch Prison Break too. What’s wrong with that?

  • 16 11 2008
  • 40.  Evil Monkey (15:04:11) :

    Actually Prison Break has been pretty decent this year. This time they are trying to finally take down the company. But in all honesty this show better end soon, because it is getting pretty ridiculous.

  • 16 11 2008
  • 41.  Evil Monkey (15:07:40) :

    I don’t know about you guys but I kindoff find this post dissapointing. After months of “more chabert” with no posts in site, I was hoping when she would finally reappear it would be either naked, or at least very close to it.

    I guess even this post needs more chabert.

  • 16 11 2008
  • 42.  walker4409 (15:45:40) :

    Cobalt old Amigo, i don´t attack anybody. They all
    came voluntary, all i do is posting my opinion. If
    some people have a problem with that i wanna tell
    them: I don´t give a shit, i comment my opinion and
    not what other people want to hear. You think I´m
    a Zulu? All i can say is – Barbarus hic ergo sum, quia
    non intellegor ulli

  • 16 11 2008
  • 43.  Rod Stiffington (17:09:44) :

    ^^^ Franc = Homosexual American.

  • 16 11 2008
  • 44.  en Het Pudel (18:56:03) :
  • 16 11 2008
  • 45.  edc (20:50:33) :

    since justin gave me some chabert I’m gonna give justine some stephanie

  • 16 11 2008
  • 46.  edc (20:51:57) :

    cool, I just read #44 after posting #45.. mind bullets?

  • 16 11 2008
  • 47.  edc (20:54:40) :
  • 16 11 2008
  • 48.  Claire Bennet & Elle Bishop (21:11:20) :

    more bell n panettiere n perry n cyrus n fox

  • 16 11 2008
  • 49.  EmJee (23:32:22) :

    She has fairly nice tits. But then lots of women have fairly nice tits without also having a horse face.

    I’ve never understood what’s so great about Chabert. She’s just a low-rent version of Jennifer Love Hewitt and let’s face it: if you want to fantasize over largely talentless actresses from third rate teen movies, why would you pick the one who was out of her league even in those craptacular specimens of celluloid?

  • 17 11 2008
  • 50.  Tony (00:05:19) :

    Yay! Finally some Chabert!

    Mean Girls was on Thursday night, and I TiVo’d it for Lacey Chabert and only for Lacey Chabert. Sure Rachel McAdams is hot, but she’s not in top form in that movie like Chabert was. I mean goddamn, did you see her fill out that catsuit!?

    And while you’re at it, moar Zooey Deschanel! I’m getting tired of her cheap knock-off already, Katy’s trying way too hard to stay relevant.

  • 17 11 2008
  • 51.  Katy Perry Fan (00:26:19) :

    I’m shocked that Justin still hasn’t posted Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction pics

  • 17 11 2008
  • 52.  lacy chabert nude (13:02:53) :

    if only

  • 17 11 2008
  • 53.  Bubba (16:51:41) :

    My balls hang just about right.

  • 17 11 2008
  • 54.  J.Jizzle (19:02:11) :

    lacey is full of win because she voiced eliza thornberry from the wild thornberries.

  • 17 11 2008
  • 55.  sicko (19:28:50) :

    She would get it.

  • 18 11 2008
  • 56.  edc (01:02:35) :

    she would get my love karate

  • 18 11 2008
  • 57.  ravenx8706 (01:11:50) :

    She needs to just showem already! And when did she last work? Is she even doing films anymore?

  • 18 11 2008
  • 58.  Atlas (10:16:56) :

    there haven’t been bare breasts on here since october 13th. Not ok. They were even shitty screen capped breasts. no thank you. what has happened to this site?

  • 18 11 2008
  • 59.  Franc (10:49:19) :


    stop insulting me by calling me an american!

  • 18 11 2008
  • 60.  walker4409 (11:20:05) :

    Hey Franc, don´t insult the Americans they don´t
    deserve it. Maybe their political system is faulty but
    in many other countries it´s the same. No country
    in the world produced so many great people . I tell
    you that ´cause you seemed to be a smart person.

  • 21 11 2008
  • 61.  Franc (15:40:34) :

    I have to disagree there. Most important inventions were made by europeans, asians etc. Hardly anything came from the U.S. Just look at the stuff we use everyday. Computers = german invention, telephone = british invention, tv = also german invention, radio = italian invention, mobile phones = again a german invention, even rockets are a european invention, not an american. If there hadn’t been the idea of a rocket in Europe America would have never made it to the space. Not to forget Otto Hahn and the nuclear fission and the americans favourite toy, the automobile. So, I don’t think many people coming from america did anything that changed the world as much as europeans did. The only thing is, americans know how to present themselves better.

  • 21 11 2008
  • 62.  AngelBaby (16:13:59) :

    computers a german invention? that’s a joke. the machines we call computers today resemble the unwieldy electro-mechanical devices invented in the Fatherland about as much as those resembled the abacus. so why not give china credit while you are at it? the three inventions that make this current discussion possible, the microprocessor, the personal computer, and the internet…all invented in the USA.

    most of the other important inventions that you listed were mere scientific curiosities before they were perfected and mass-produced for the use of the general public…in America. and the assertion that the US never would have made it to space if a european hadn’t thought of the rocket is absurd on its face. as though only one person was possible of having that idea. not to mention that once again, a typically eurocentric point of view ignores the fact that the principle of rocketry was born in asia centuries before Goddard (who btw launched the world’s first liquid-fueled rocket in Massachusetts…what country is that again?) and von Braun.

  • 21 11 2008
  • 63.  Ryuka (17:12:49) :

    “Based on the idea of Turing Completeness, actually, he is correct about Germany and computers. Not to mention, that as you described it, the US mostly improved upon the creations of others. If we are discussing improvements upon a base, one of my favorite (following the ‘it’s funny because it’s true’ rule of comedy) lines in the Simpsons, was from an episode where they went to Japan and ate at ‘Americatown’: ‘Don’t ask me. I don’t know anything! I’m product of American education system. I also build poor-quality cars and inferior-style electronics.’ So very true, our country has always been filled with ‘eh, good enough’.”

    “No worries, though, if we need any proof that the US tops the idiot chart: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ Except gays, African-Americans, women (though I guess, it doesn’t say women…), anyone that’s not a Christian (that’s the best one, since one of the most important reasons this country was founded, was the desire for religious freedom from the oppressive Catholic church), and anyone of a different socio-economic status. I realize that there are plenty of inequalities in other countries, but we actively tout freedom and equality for all.”

  • 22 11 2008
  • 64.  Rod Stiffington (10:20:11) :

    This is the stupidest discussion I have ever read, and has no place in a thread ostensibly about Lacey Chabert’s sweet tits. Yes – most inventions were invented by non-Americans, at least at their initial stages, per most inventions being based on technology at least initially conceived of before “America” was even known of, let alone settled. However, all of these technologies developed and took flight in America – not the rest of the world – because we created the economic basis for such technology flourishing, with a completely free market, free thinking society, the likes of which the rest of the world can only stand in awe of.

    There is a reason all of the great minds of Europe fled to this country from the late 1800’s onward, and that’s because Europe was a toxic, repressive bastion of douche-ocity, whose only claim to fame was the murderous efficiency with which they murdered, imprisioned, and warred. So fuck them.

    And for every Euro piece of trash who deigns to impugne our “free society”, I would point out how Europe treats their own “non-indiginous minorities”. If you think the treatment of African-Americans in the US is shabby, take a look at how the Turks in Germany or the Muslims in France are looked down upon. Last time I checked, the USA didn’t round up every gay or black and stuff them into ovens while the rest of their neighbors sat there with their dicks in their hand saying “thank God that isn’t me”. The USA wouldn’t sit by if Canada started rounding up millions and shooting them in mass pits, like the Euros did while Serbs massacred Bosnians only 15 years ago, right in their own back yard.

    So pardon me if I don’t enjoy being sat down and lectured by useless douchebag Europeans about human rights or equal treatment, when as a region, they’ve been responsible for every World War and countless genocides over the last several hundred years … and wouldn’t put down their wine glass and lift a finger to help anyone anywhere in the world if it didn’t directly benefit them. The best the Ruros can do is sit there and cry and whine and wait for the US to come fix their problems.

    With that, I bid you adieu, and fuck off.

  • 23 11 2008
  • 65.  AngelBaby (11:51:46) :


  • 24 11 2008
  • 66.  Ryuka (02:18:55) :

    64 – “Know what America did during the Holocaust? ‘They’re halfway around the world, we’ll send them some crap, it’ll never effect us!'”

    “Pearl Harbor wasn’t a tragedy, it was an inevitability based on a mix of human ruthlessness on the part of Japan, and human stupidity on the part of America. I’ll take ruthless over stupid, at least with ruthless, my death is explosive and exciting, instead of slow, dull, painful, and surrounded by idiots.”

  • 24 11 2008
  • 67.  AngelBaby (03:25:06) :

    sorry to be the one to break it to you, but Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was the epitome of human stupidity and arrogance, even Yamamoto said as much after the fact. all that cowardly act did was start a countdown on how long the Japanese empire had to go before America smashed it to pieces. not to mention, how backward a society they had in the 1940’s where they still viewed their ruler as a divine power. Japan should thank the USA to this day for forcing them fully into the 20th century and turning them into the successful and prosperous democracy they are today.

    i could easily and accurately adapt your previous statement to read: Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t tragedies, they were inevitabilities based on a mix of human ruthlessness on the part of the United States, and human stupidity on the part of Japan for entering into an unwinnable war in the first place. Japan started it, but America sure as fuck finished it. lesson learned.

  • 24 11 2008
  • 68.  Rod Stiffington (07:29:59) :

    ^^^ Actually, Yamamoto was quoted as saying it was a huge mistake before the attack occured. Many military strategists believe the US actually invited the Pearl Harbor attack, noting the troop mixture and deployment in harbor at the time was mostly older vessels and no carrier groups (ie, throwaways).

    As for what America did during the holocaust, by the time it was understood what was happening during the holocaust, America was already engaged in the war and working towards liberating camps.

  • 24 11 2008
  • 69.  Ryuka (08:51:10) :

    67 “Well, yes, I’ll give you that the flipside is also true, but the patriotic ‘hoorah’ that we can blow up people that blow us up doesn’t make us a great nation. Japan does owe its current success to America indirectly, but the ability to recover from that kind of adversity is their strength, not something America magically blessed them with… Not to mention, even Albert Einstein (you know the guy who helped create things that blew up Japan) said, ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’ For any who might not get that, he means to say, WWIII will be Ragnarok, everyone dies but a select few, and we’re back to square one because we killed ourselves. Ah, yes, ingenious Americans and their clever clever inventions.”

    “Fact: Humans are some of the only animals that kill their own species, EN MASSE! Most, if not all, of the other species that do anything like that are extinct or insects. Yet, we think we’re smarter than most animals.”

    “Fact: Humans are the only still living species that require a belief in a higher power or an afterlife (in most cases) and an incentive beyond the survival of their species and community to continue to act productively. If you don’t think the latter is true, read up on the failings of communism.”

    “By the way, Communism failed because most people are idiots… What does that say about Democracy? Look, there’s even a Yahoo Question about it…”

    “The truth is, especially in America, because humans are idiots: if most people believe it to be true, it’s probably not. People spend so much time trying to be like everyone else… Or at least be enough like a group to be accepted. Most people will choose ignorance over knowledge and wisdom, simply because it is the easy choice, which makes it the popular choice, which makes it the choice that gets you friends (Win/Win/Win, except that you Lose what really matters).”

    “So, in conclusion, America might be a better country than most; and dog shit is better than elephant shit… A D is better than an F… It doesn’t matter though, as long as we’re good enough, why try, right?”

    “If you answered the above question with, ‘Exactly’, or ‘Right’, go get your ‘patriotic’ flag, and shove it down your throat, and don’t pull it out until your face is a very very deep shade of purple.”

  • 30 11 2008
  • 70.  edc (17:10:38) :

    japan sucks balls
    so does america
    north Korea can eat a dick
    australia wins.

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